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Home Birth/VBAC in South Shore MA area?

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Hi all! I noticed a bunch of posts around here from the South Shore, so I thought I'd ask whether anyone has any recommendations for a VBAC or HBAC in the South Shore area.


I've had two c-sections, both attempting vaginal births. I'm not sure whether I can deliver vaginally, but I would like to talk to a midwife in the area and get some recommendations to see whether it is possible. We were thinking of a home birth because I do labor for a long time and both times that caused the doctors to put on the pressure for a c-section. If there were actually a doctor who were truly VBAC friendly in the area, I'd be open to that too. 


So, any suggestions, stories, etc? Any advice would be very much appreciated! 



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I would highly recommend Nancy Wainer! She will be able to give you a lot of VBAC information, and will make you feel very comfortable about it. :) Good luck!

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I can't speak directly to your VBAC situation, but I highly recommend Tara Kenny and/or Audra Karp (they often work as a team).  They attended both of my son's births and I absolutely love them.  Please feel free to PM me for their contact info or if you have any questions about my experience.  Good luck :)

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Hi!  You should get on the South Shore AP list if you are not already... lots of moms with VBAC experience both at home and hospital.




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