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I hate how a lot of new picture books have these gawdy cheap illustrations with poor story lines. I keep finding myself getting rid of them and getting classic books with beautiful illustrations like little golden books and old books of poems, rhymes and stories (gyo fujikawa, enid blyton, eloise wilkin). What are some of your favorite classic authors/books? I want more ideas for books similar to these.

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I would scan through the list of Caldecott Medal winners.  It's a good start for weeding out the crud!

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one of my favourite authors was enid blyton. dd dislikes her. i prefered hardy boys, dd prefers nancy drews. what i am saying is dd and i have different tastes.


what i found boring and gaudy dd liked those books. i was a little afraid that if i didnt watch what books she read (and allowed junk) that she would read junk all the time. that wasnt so. 


most of the times i have just let dd choose from the library. i'd buy what she kept checking out all the time. 


one thing i noticed with her - she prefered the new modern looking books - not the old kind like the little golden books. 


i have also discovered that all through her years dd and a librarian shared similar books they liked. THAT was my biggest lead.


also our library catalogue now has 'similar book recommendations if your child liked this book' feature. 

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