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hyper vigilant about items

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We all have things we don't want our kids to have, whether its certain toys, games, books, music etc Usually we have good reasons for why we don't allow certain things. But do you ever get carried away and get rid of things solely because of their appearance? If something looks tacky, cheap or just plain ugly do you find a way to just get rid of it for your own sanity regardless of how your kid loves it or plays with it? 

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Not so much.  If they are actually playing with it, andi it's not one of those things that just aren't allowed, I usually leave it.  Now if there is a toy that no one has touched in 6 months, that I know the wouldn't notice if it was gone, but they'd throw a fit if I got rid of it, I'll get rid of it on the sly.  winky.gif

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Unless they are causing a problem like excessive mess or noise or are dangerous I try to leave it alone. The kids have to learn how to make their own judgement about the quality of things at some point.

There are a few things that are just forbidden like Bratz dolls and Barbies though ... 

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I try not to let my personal idea of value control what my kids like or don't like.  I talk to them a ton about my ideas, but if they have a toy that I don't like that gets used a lot then that's fine by me.  If it's loud I will ask them to stay in their own room with it.


They think some of my "toys" are stupid or ugly or pointless but I get to keep mine. ;-)


Limits on what we bring in the house are set though, just not on something as transient as whether or not I find it attractive.  Like - can we afford it?  Do we have a place for it? Will it get used?  Sometimes that leads to - How can I raise money for this? what should I get rid of to make space? etc.



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Not now that they are old enough to notice and/or voice an opinion.... but if it gets left around and unused for awhile, i'll move it to my closet or the barn and then after awhile if it seems to have been forgotten, i will get rid of it. But not if it is an active favorite toy.

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I HATE anything Spongebob... by now most people know not to give my kids SBSP merchandise. 

I have a habit of throwing away or donating toys as soon as they break. We have a ton of toys as is, no need for junk. 

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