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New to the forum

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Thank you so much for creating this forum!


I'm new to the entire Mothering online community, and I was so grateful to find this forum. I'm rejoicing to be at 23 weeks tomorrow (my due date is November 22). It's been a long, difficult journey for my beloved spouse (Seth) and me. This is our first pregnancy to proceed beyond six weeks' gestation. Because our pregnancy losses all occurred so early, I'm unsure how many there were; they all occurred while I was in medical school, and with just my spouse working at the time, we didn't have the funds to investigate the cause. It was also so heartbreaking that after a few years, we stopped trying.


A year after our last miscarriage, we discussed whether we were ready to close this chapter of our lives. We still had hopes to become parents, and the Universe first gifted us with our daughter, Katey, whom we adopted last year (she is now 20 and living independently as she goes to college), and then because our shared medical practice was flourishing, we decided to get a fertility consultation and learn whether it was still possible for us to become biological parents. We opted to try donor insemination, as my only fertility hurdle was low progesterone, while Seth had significant fertility issues, probably arising from a long history of exposure to pesticides when he was growing up.


We succeeded on our first try, and we feel so blessed. The first eight weeks were anxious ones for both of us, although we tried to take joy in the obvious changes of pregnancy that I'd never experienced before. We had our first appointment with our midwife, Jennifer, at 14 weeks, and it was amazing to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. (We're planning on a home birth.) I'd felt what I suspected was movement at 13 weeks (in the bath) and at 16 weeks on dry land; soon after, Seth could feel it too. I'm overjoyed every day to feel the little guy or gal moving around. To my great surprise, the pregnancy has been uncomplicated and minimally uncomfortable: my biggest change is fatigue (I take naps throughout the day) and having a hypersensitive nose! (That's better now that the first trimester is over, but some odors still turn my stomach...I won't mention any lest I elicit a sympathetic nausea reaction from you-all!) I'm physically active and ride to work by bike--well, now that I'm belly-licious, now we're riding a tandem recumbent trike. The reclined position is so comfortable, although it does put more pressure on my bladder, hence increased visits to the woods. I'm just taking it day by day and enjoying the mama-feelings I never thought I'd experience.


Many blessings to all of you! 



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Wow, Margaret, what a wonderful story. I'm so happy for you and Seth. Welcome to Mothering! Here are some links you might find helpful in getting started here:


Since you mentioned that you and Seth are planning a homebirth, here's a link to our homebirth conversation.


What else are you interested in talking or knowing more about?

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Welcome Margaret!!! Nice to meet you!

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Welcome!!! This is a great place!

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Welcome and congratulations. I'm so happy for you that things are going well for you and your precious babe.
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Thank you very much for your kind welcome, Peggy, Sere, Carinthia, and Kate! 


I'd also be interested to know how many other folks out there are "older" expectant parents (I'm 41 and Seth is 50) and what their experiences have been. So far, I haven't noticed any troubling pregnancy concerns because of my age; I'm physically active and don't have any chronic illnesses, and I'm a third-generation older parent. (My grandmother was 45 when my mother, her only child, was born!) I'd also love to connect with other athletic and outdoorsy folks. We love hiking/backpacking, cycling, and puttering around in our garden and hope our offspring will benefit from an early start in loving Mother Earth! 


Many blessings,



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Welcome!!!!! Welcome.gif And CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! jumpers.gif

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Thanks for the fantastic bouncy welcome, Thymemama! The springy smiley faces look like the baby feels at times. ;) 

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Originally Posted by PacificMar View Post

Thanks for the fantastic bouncy welcome, Thymemama! The springy smiley faces look like the baby feels at times. ;) 


lol.gif Yep! I know *exactly* what you mean!!!

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Welcome, Margaret-- and congratulations!!! I, too, am an "older" mother (39), at 24 weeks today.

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Thank you, Taurustheta, and congrats to you too! I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow. :) I'm excited to be a third-generation "elder mom"; the family precedent makes it easier, as my parents have much wisdom to share and they're overjoyed to have a grandchild on the way. My husband's family is more cautious in their excitement, but then, Seth and I have bemused them for years. (I'm sure they describe us to their children as "the eccentric ones.") 

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