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Thank you for the update! Welcome earthside, little girl! And I hope you are getting some sleep and having a good recovery, mama.

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Congratulations!!!  Your update brought tears to my eyes! You've given me hope for my future births; however they must happen, I hope I can accept and meet them with as much grace as you've shown.  I'm so happy that things went smoothly and your healthy little girl arrived in exactly the way she needed to.  Happy Babymoon!  love.gif

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*HUGS*, that is good to hear.  Sometimes there is a good reason babies move the way they do.  You are awesome!

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So, so happy to hear that things went as well as they did for you.  I echo the sentiments expressed here to you, post birth.  I'm so inspired by your courage and your positive outlook!  You are one incredible woman!

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That's great it went so well! Very happy for you :-) joy.gif
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