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Large cerebellum measurement in ultrasound?

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At the 21 week ultrasound the most measurements indicated a 21 week fetus but the cerebellum had a measurement more in line with 23 wks, so they want to re- check in about 3-4 weeks.
Baby was very active during the scan so it could be a simple error. I can't find anything online about large cerebellum measurements. Usually it's the opposite if there's an issue with the cerebellum.

Any insights? If this is about figuring a due date, I'll be annoyed. What else could it be? I really don't remember such detailed ultrasounds for my other kids 11 and 13 yrs ago.
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Having just gone through a brain issue with our baby B, I know how stressful this can be.  First off, they weren't likely doing such detailed measurements 11 & 13 years ago.  The issue we have our babe, the OB group wasn't even looking for 2 years ago.  Some places in big cities might have been, just not where we are.  Its that new to measure all these brain structures.  They also may not even know all the implications of what they are finding as normal or not normal on ultrasound.  Its also not likely anything to do wtih a due date...that should be well ironed out by now!  If you have questions or concerns, call your provider and ask.  There is no need to be concerned for 3-4 weeks.  Good luck!

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thanks for the input. It's probably good that there's not much info online because I don't even know what to worry about.
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I don't have any experience with this, but I wanted to offer you a virtual hug hug2.gif

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Thank you smile.gif
I'm doing my best not to worry, because I honestly can't find much online to worry about. Sigh.
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I understand. nod.gif I do a lot of online research and sometimes finding no information is worse than finding some information, even if it's negative info. But even with negative or very little info, at least there is something to go off of, or form a plan around.

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The fact that there is no online research means that the measurements they are considering aren't established measurements in diagnosing problems. 


The best thing you can do is not to worry. If the measurement was a time tested indicator of a problem- there would be loads of medical research on the issue. If the measurement is new chances are that it hasn't been properly tested and is most likely inaccurate. Ultrasounds give more stress than anything. 


Hang in there- sending hugs!!!

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Thanks for the input. I was thinking similarly,

I'm supposed to have a re-check ultrasound on the 13th. I need to call and make sure it's only to recheck that measurement. I am not at all interested in going through that entire hour long ultrasound again. I don't think baby appreciated the first one either. Baby wiggled and kicked the entire time, giving the ultrasound tech a hard time and probably making it last longer.

I'm very ambivalent about even getting a re-check, considering that they may not even have enough research to really give any good answers if the measurements truly are off.
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I called. The ultrasound is only supposed to re-check the cerebellum measurement, not an entire re-do of the first ultrasound.
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I will second the stress factor, try not to worry (note to self, try not to worry).  


My US took 2 hours and 10 minutes and it still isn't definative on the topic it was supposed to define for me (due date).  



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Well, the re-check was good. Everything checked out at the same growth stage/age.

The ultrasound tech at first wanted to do the entire ultrasound over again, and with a student technician, so it would have taken even longer. I told her that no, we were only doing the cerebellum and the minimal amount of related measurements that it would take to get the average she needed. I think it ended up being 4 measurements, but with the student, I believe they took a few of those measurements twice.

I feel relieved. Thanks so much for your support.
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So glad its all as it should be!!  :)

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