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Hi! I'm new

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My name is Jennifer, i am a married mom of 6 kids. I Like to cook,bake,scrapbook,fish,go to the river,and hang out with my husband and kids. I work for UnderCoverWear and i love it alot! :) If there's anything you wanna know, you can message me :)

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I'm Mary, fiber addict (knitting, spinning, little bit o'crochet) & homeschooling mama to 3 children --in Middle Indiana.
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Mary, nice to meet you honey :)

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Welcome!  I also love to bake and scrapbook and knit.  I actually just started learning how to crochet today during my daughter's nap time.  I wonder if there's a Crafting section of these forums?  It will be great to share these interests with you!  :-)

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I'm new here, too, and I am a paper crafter, mostly stamping and making cards. A crafting forum would be fun.

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Glad to meet another WAH member!! I'm a Miche managing director and love the flexibility and income!

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