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Morning only GI issue??

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For about a week now I've been having lower GI issues each morning. It's just in the morning...no matter what I eat the night before. It happens BEFORE my morning coffee so that's not the problem either (Thank Heaven) I end up with diarrhea every 30-45mins for a couple of hours. 


After that everything is fine. NO idea what's causing it as "morning" seems to be the only common factor. Thoughts?

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Any new vitamin, supplement, or medication, at any time of day?
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Nope. Nothing new at all in the last few weeks. Originally I thought it was PMS related but I got my cycle and it continued. 

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i had that same problem that got worse when pregnant, and one of my practitioners told me to try and take a large dose of probiotics with a hot glass of water or tea before bed - and it immediately resolved itself. 

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I was discussing it with DH and that is almost exactly his advice: Probiotics. So I'm making yogurt later and adding coconut oil to my diet. 

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Probiotics are great and you can also take psyllium husk to help with either diarrhea or constipation. If you decide to try that, start with a very small amount as it can cause gas until your system gets used to it.

I hope these easy things help but if it doesn't resolve, get into your doc and request a visit to a GI specialist.
I ended up with ulcerative colitis during the pregnancy of my first, wasn't diagnosed until he was about 9 months old and was miserable that whole time, thinking things would just get better. I had many other issues on top of diarrhea, but mine started out with issues mainly in the morning.
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