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Cananny - Awesome beta numbers!  So excited for you to graduate.  Keep growing little bean.  That's an order.jumpers.gifbiggrinbounce.gif


Jenny - Good luck with the job!  That sounds awesome.  I am working on my doula certification, and I have done 2 volunteer births.  Doula work does not dovetail nicely with my job.  I would love to move more toward birth work full-time, but I'm not sure how to do that just yet.

I like what you said about peeing on a $100 bill.ROTFLMAO.gif  It probably would be more effective.


Lots of potty talk on here lately. blahblah.gif

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Yay Cananny!!!




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YAY Cananny!!!!!!!!!!!joy.gifjumpers.gif


Thanks cordelia!!


Question: Ok so now it is soon to be my DP turn to inseminate using frozen donor sperm IUI. She had a positive OPK

this morning, but I have to work tomorrow until 7:30pm, so that would put us at around 36 hours. Is that pushing it or do you

think we will fly? I don't know how to get around work, and I took off specifically Monday and Tuesday, but she did not ovulate

when I needed her too!! LOL yeah right!


Anyway just thoughts on you guys end please...

Good luck all you ladies!!!

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Erin - Most people insem 24-36 hours after opk. 36 should be fine unless you have reason to believe DP has a short time between surge and O. Tracking other signs, like CM, cervical openness and position, could be helpful for future if you're not already doing that. Personally, I didn't want to deal with that stuff the first few tries, but eventually I had to.



I checked out twoweekwait.com - had never seen it before -- and my favorite page was this http://www.twoweekwait.com/what-no-one-told-you with all the sad and funny "what no one told you about ttc" lines.


Good luck to everyone who is waiting for something !!! (O for me -- I think I need to buy real estate in the "waiting to O" section, I've been there so long!)

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Well, I am leaving for a conference and needed to know whether or not to pack tampons. I figured I was 12dpo so it was safe to test now...negative...booo! gloomy.gif
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Lise I got my bfn at 12dpo and got Bfp on 14 dpo so don't give up yet!
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Hi everyone! I have been checked out for awhile (taking a break, on vacation, etc.), but am back in the game.


First of all, huge congratulations to Cananny!!! It is so exciting and gratifying to see those of us who have been trying for awhile get our BFPs. I am so thrilled for you and your DP, and excited about the good beta news.


I am a bit behind on reading this thread and keeping track of things, so I won't try to do other personals, but I am thinking of you all, and hoping for more BFPs soon.


AFM, we've had a lovely two months off the ttc train, and are now back on. We just came back from two weeks of glorious New England vacation (Providence! Provincetown! The ocean! The gays!), during which I started taking Femera for the first time. I had my cd10 ultrasound the other day, and there are two big follicles ready to go. I triggered last night, and will go in for my IUI tomorrow morning. I am a little disappointed that there aren't more follicles- I was making more on clomid. However, unlike my clomid cycles, my lining looks great, and I haven't had any of the horrible emotional side effects. This will be our fourth cycle overall, and our third one with drugs. If we don't get a BFP this time, our RE wants to move on to injectables or straight to IVF. Seems a little early for all that to me, so I'm not sure what we'll do. On the other hand, we have a cap on what our insurance will pay ($10,000 lifetime total for infertility), so I don't want to keep eating that up with failed IUI cycles, and then have less left for IVF if we end up there. Meh. I hate that insurance coverage governs the decisions we make about how to make our families.:/


But for now I will stay positive, and hope that this is our last cycle of trying! To that end, could I please be moved to waiting to know? (Technically I'm still waiting to O, but by the time I get back on here tomorrow we'll have inseminated, so let's keep it simple...)


Sending hugs and baby dust to everyone.

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Angela: Nice to have you back!  Good luck tomorrow with your IUI, here's hoping this is the one!

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BFN. :(


Onward to the next cycle!


Pokey:  Can you please move me to Waiting to O?


I hope I don't break the chain of the BFP's coming in!!

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treehugger.gif Jenny treehugger.gif I'm sorry
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Hugs Jenny !
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jenny: That totally sucks. I'm sorry this wasn't the month. stillheart.gif

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Lise, I'm sorry to hear about your BFN. Cananny's right that it could be too early, but I know what it feels like to have to protect yourself from keeping your hopes up only to have them dashed again. Hugs to you.


Jenny, So sorry about the BFN! You seem to have a positive attitude, which is great!


Angela, Welcome back and good luck with the insem.

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Lise: Sorry about your BFN.  hug2.gif  Perhaps it is still a bit early... I hope that you have an experience similar to CANanny!


Outdoorsy:  I think I'm just still young, naive and optimistic.  :-)


Thanks everyone for the well wishes!  :-)



:::backing away from the pee sticks now::....

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I haven't checked in in a few days.  Had my insems on Sun and Mon, so I'm on day 2 of my TWW!  Yuck!! 

I'm doing the same thing as a few of you-- obsessing over every twinge, and yet trying to ignore everything at the same time.  ;-)

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Feel you, lovestreet.  How are we only 4 DPO?  Next time around, I'm planning a vacation for these two weeks, because at least it will feel like the longest vacation I have ever taken.


Hang in there!

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Jenny, I'm sorry. That sucks. Hugs.

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Jenny that's sucky...no matter how many times you've tried, a BFN is awful!  


We are just waiting to O.  Something I've noticed (this is our 4th cycle this go around) is that the baby envy/irrational irritation at pregnant women has started.  I thought that since we have a toddler that it wouldn't hit as hard, but it seems we are surrounded by parents of 2 year olds who have recently been or are currently pregnant.  As DS becomes less and less of a baby it becomes clearer that we are not done with babies and that there are no babies in our house...

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lise - I also hope that was just too early.  How are things going?


Angela - Welcome back!  It's good to see you again.  I only had 2 follicles with Femara too.  I agree that it seems too early to move to IVF.  I don't know why RE's so casually toss that around.  "Well, you could just do IVF."  It's much more expensive, it's very invasive, and it is no guarantee. I suppose if you want to have another child later, it would be nice to have some frozen embryos, but you might be just as successful doing something less invasive.  I'm sorry insurance and money are such a pain and that they have to guide our decisions.  It does suck.  My insurance doesn't cover IVF so that's not really a consideration.  Plus, you're young and healthy with no identifiable infertility issues, right?  So you probably won't need it.  Good luck in the TWW!  I hope it passes quickly and smoothly.


Jenny - I'm so sorry it didn't work out this time. It would be awesome if it worked the first time.  Sometimes it does, but sometimes it doesn't.   Any plans for the next cycle?


lovestreet - Looks like we're TWW buddies.  I also did my insems on Sunday.  Good luck!  I hope all your obsessing turns up something positive.


easttowest - That's a great strategy with the vacation!  I hope you don't need to put it into effect, but where would you go?  Hawaii sounds nice.


wishin' - Welcome back to you too!  I hope cycle #4 is the lucky one for you.  I'm sorry the baby envy is getting you down.  It happens to all of us no matter where we are.  Babies are pretty awesome.  Who wouldn't want one?


AFM - Nothing much going on here.  It's only about 4DPO.  My temps have been nice and high.  That's all I can think of right now.  Ciao!

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CD 32 around here. Had my annual pap this morning and rushed back to finish some work on time. Waiting for AF so I can start my second round of Clomid (my first round with the RE instead of midwife).


Re what wishin said about envy/irritation, I find I have that for pregnant women but not people with actual babies. I think that's because I can clearly see that they're not *my* babies, whereas a pregnant woman looks just like I want to be.


Have a great day everybody!

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