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outdoorsy--So sorry about your frustrating cycle. I am glad, however, that you can at least see what it is going on and you can make steps in the right direction. Ultrasounds are pretty amazing.

cordelia--a prescription for sperm??? What the hell?

Pokey--Whoo hoo! Good luck!

Jenny--The shot was a piece of cake! I was so used to my gonal f shots that it was almost like another one of them. Trying again and again and again actually gets easier as time goes on--I really think my first 2WW were definitely the worst. Hopefully, you won't have to experience it getting easier! smile.gif

Well...insem tomorrow at 9am. Definitely haven't ovulated yet but am very aware of my ovaries. Hopefully, I will feel O pains right before or after going in tomorrow!
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Cordelia: An RX for sperm?? Really?  Now I have heard EVERYTHING!


Lisadea:  Glad to hear it was a piece of cake - Hope your IUI went well today!!! Was thinking of you!


Pokey: I hate OPKs too.  They make me crazy and I rarely get a positive!  Here's hoping you find the inner peace you're seeking and that these meds are the answer!


AFM: I'm beginning to wonder if I managed to get a UTI during the hsg or IUI.  I have to pee  ALOT, I'm not peeing small amounts, just peeing a normal amount frequently. (No weird pee odor either.)  Either my bladder or my uterus feels full, I can't tell which, I just have a lot of pressure.  I'm pretty sure I ovulated because I did check opk's and got a positive and tested until I got a negative.  I also felt ovulatory pain yesterday morning, but it took until this morning for the OPK to show negative again.  I am seeing a VERY FAINT positive on the pregnancy test, finally, from the trigger shot. It's BARELY visible.  So, just waiting for that to disappear and, HOPEFULLY REAPPEAR.  I've called into the RE to ask about the frequent urination. Anyone else experience this?  Is it from the trigger? 

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Please move me to waiting to know. Thank you!
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jenny - I have seen women say that they have symptoms from the trigger shot, so that is possible.  I would think as long as you aren't feeling burning or pain you are probably ok, but I would keep an eye on it for sure.


Lise - Welcome to the TWW!  I hope it goes quickly and smoothly.


AFM -  I had my ultrasound this morning.  It wasn't too bad, better than I was anticipating.  I have 17 small follicles and no cysts so I am ok to go with the shots.  I picked up most of my prescriptions and spent just over $500 so far (that includes the trigger shot, progesterone and syringes).  I still have to pick up the Femara because they were waiting for the pregnancy test results.  That's only $7 though.  I hope I don't have to buy much more.  The good news is I don't have to do daily bloodwork because the nurse said Femara throws off the results.  They will just do u/s monitoring.  That's fine with me because I have squirrelly little veins that are hard to poke.  Today the guy took it out of a vein in my wrist.  It actually felt better than when they poke at my elbow.  The nurse told me something interesting.  She said my doctor recently went to a conference where they said they have been finding they get better results when you start the shots before you finish the Femara.  So I will be starting my shots earlier than usual. I hope this new approach is a winner.  I often feel like doctors are kind of guessing at what might work, and it makes me feel a little better that my doctor is keeping up with the latest research.  Happy weekend everyone!

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Good luck to everyone's countries at the Olympics!





I will be mostly away from the Internet next week due to travel. Not sure if I'll have time to update after my u/s tomorrow. My best to everyone in the coming week.

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Pokey, what do you mean by start the shots before you finish the Femara?  Do you do multiple trigger shots?   I'm curious because I'm going the medicated route, too, and only have the one Ovidril shot.


AFM, I was a little unprepared, mentally, after my BFN on Monday.  It seems that as soon as I stop my progesterone, I get AF about 30 hours later.  Which means it's decision time again.  Do we try this month or not?  Since we have 2 vials sitting at the clinic, DP said Go for it!  I was a little unsettled by the lack of down-time, having to go in to get my baseline u/s already yesterday.  Picked up my meds today.  Switched to Femara this time, because the last 2 months my lining was thin, which was maybe due to the Clomid.  I wouldn't try it a third time, told my doctor to switch me to something else. I want to try acupuncture this month, too, so I have to see if I can get that lined up.


Again, I want to say how comforting I find it to read everyone's stories-- it seems that a lot of us in here are on a very similar path.  It's a big help to a newbie like me!!

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Lovestreet: you only ever do one trigger shot during a cycle. The trigger shot sets your ovulation in motion so if you could really screw things up if you did it more than once! Pokey is doing an injectible stimulated cycle so she has multiple drugs going on (both oral and injectible in addition to the final trigger shot). It sounds as though you are just going the standard route of using an oral follie stim med and topping it off with a trigger shot which is injectible.


Good luck.


AFM: Guess who gets to have another surgery? That would be me. Polyps in the uterus. Usually not an issue, but with my loss history and just one genetically normal embryo at risk, they're going to give me another quick cleanout. I'm so sick of going under and recovering! Coming from someone who's never even broke a bone in her body, to have to do so many things to my body in the past year is seriously depressing. Once done, we'll get moving on the frozen embryo transfer.



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lovestreet - It makes sense that you had trouble changing gears from BFN to let's go again!  The end is also the beginning.  I hope you can find a way to wrap your brain around it better, or that you don't have to do it at all because you won't need to try again.  AF is a fresh start, a new chance at success.  It sounds like a good idea to switch to Femara if your lining was too thin.  My lining never got very thin, but it did get progressively thinner with each round of Clomid.  I hope the Femara works for you.  I decided to try it because I read a lot of stories of women saying they didn't get pregnant on Clomid then switched to Femara and got pregnant quickly. 


Krista is right.  I could have been more clear.  I am taking Femara and doing Menopur shots which stimulate the follicles so I can grow more of them.  When I am done with that I will do a trigger shot.  In the recent past, my RE prescribed Femara from CD 3-7 and then Menopur starts on day 7.  Instead, I will start the shots on day 5.  They do the ultrasounds to see how the follies are growing and to decide how much of the Menopur I should take each day.


Krista - Blech!  I'm sorry you have to have another surgery, but it will be nice to have a pristine uterus that's ready for that embryo.  I hope you can do it quickly and that you have a smooth recovery.

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Hey everyone in August! Here's to some positive pee sticks!!

I finally got my lesbian conception book by Brill yay! I am learning lots already. And I ordered
a microscope to look at the swimmers! Who knows what the hell I'm doing but it should be
fun anyway. My second go-round is quickly approaching but I still have negative OPK on
CD 16 even though my other signs line up. Hopefully I will get a + tomorrow and inseminate
on Sunday!

Good luck everyone and baby dust your way!!
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12dpo and trucking along ... Today both my ovaries are sore ...could be Af on her way greensad.gif I'm really not having any symptoms and gonna say I'm probablly not pregnant ... But I'll test on Sunday or Monday ..

After this cycle Dp might try a cycle and then I'm going to take a break ... I am going to be starting a new job so I can't really be taking so much time off for all the ultra sounds ...maybe I'll just do a clomid cycle ...

I'm at an ok place with it ... I'll focus on losing weight and just spending time doing something other that obsessing over ttc ... I dunno I go back n forth if I am really going to take a break ....

Lise Fx for you
Pokey ... Lucky for no daily blood work.. I also do pills and injections overlapping smile.gif fx this is a good cycle for you my first injectable cycle I had 16 follicles smile.gif
Jenny ...congrats on your first insem..... Here's hoping the tww is not horrible smile.gif
Krista.. Ughhh so much crap u have to go through I'm so sorry

I know I'm missing people but I'm thinking of you all smile.gif
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CANanny - I hope you're wrong and that you are preggy and not expecting AF.  Fingers crossed for you!!  <3

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Jenny - I have had the same issue with frequent urination this cycle too. I am 10dpiui and have had to get up every night to pee, something I usually don't do...


Pokey - Sounds like your cycle is moving along nicely. Good luck!


ErinTN - OPKs drive me nuts! It seems I never get my pos. when I expect it. Hope all goes well with try #2.


Cananny - I think the second week of the TWW is hard emotionally. I start looking for symptoms and analyzing what my body is going through, and its hard to stay positive. I hope AF isn't on the way for you... hoping for a BFP!


Krista - I've been lurking for months, and have always appreciated how well informed you are about all of this. It's definitely been helpful. I hope your surgery and recovery move along smoothly and you can get going with the transfer in no time :)


At 10dpiui I am having a hard time not testing! Seriously thought about it this morning, but talked myself out of it. I only have one test left and am telling myself it's best to wait until day 14. I think I'll be lucky to make it until day 12 though. Couple differences this cycle from last BFN... no sore boobs yet, and soreness from left ovary (also cramping). Not taking these as good signs, really. Especially the soreness/cramping, could this possibly be from a cyst that formed? All 3 good follies were on my left this cycle. So I'm trying to stay positive but also looking ahead at my next cycle. Unfortunately, after looking over finances, I'm going to have to sit out a month if this doesn't take and that has bummed me out.

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Hi everyone,
Unfortunately our insemination didn't take but we're currently on a 12 hour drive to our donor to try again. It was so hard not to hope the insemination had worked the first time. Fingers crossed for this time! I'm hoping good news for all of us this month! We've purchased a catheter for our needless syringe. Still a little unsure about the catheter, it looks so thin for the sperm to make it through. If anyone has any advice with past experiences, let us know. We're leaning towards just using the syringe and an instead cup after to hold it in.

My wife and I have also started a YouTube to help let out our feelings after hearing so many stories from others trying to conceive.


Fingers crossed for all of us!
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Thanks for explaining, Krista and Pokey!  That makes a lot of sense-- I just wasn't aware of all the options.  Your explanations really helped!


Good luck, Jenny-- the tww is rough!  I hope yours goes quickly.


AFM, first Femara down the hatch.  Be kinder to my uterus than the Clomid was, please!!

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lovestreet  .hope the Femara goes well for you and this helps bring your BFP! 


Monk. . .good luck with this round - I have no experience with the catheter but have heard from other people that you do have to be careful, you can cause damage to the uterus or the cervix if you don't really know what you're doing .. just using the syringe and coating near the cervix should work, unless you have a midwife or someone with experience to help you .. of course that's just what I have heard, probably others with more direct experience would be better with advice - either way good luck! 


jenny and new zero. . hope you are both going to post your BFPs soon. . 


our donor should be shipping his first batch tomorrow and we will try this overnight shipping thing with only a little hope. . have not had a positive OPK reading yet but want to get in early if we can. . and then one later on .. here's to nothing.


and krista sorry about your surgery .. hope recovery is quick and easy and you are set to go. . 

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Thanks to: Cordelia and lovestreet for the well wishes!


Zero: I called the RE today and they are treating me for a UTI just to be on the safe side.  My IUI was only 5 days ago, so it's really unlikely that I'd be having any symptoms.  Someone told me the trigger can cause frequent urination.  I can't tell if it's my bladder or my uterus that has the pressure.  It's really uncomfortable.  No fever, no burning, no weird discharge/odor.  I've taken 2 doses of the meds for UTI (the doctor swore they are safe for pregnancy/ttc.) and I thought I felt a little better, but I think I was just better distracted. If I don't feel markedly better by tomorrow afternoon, then they want to see me in the office.



Cordelia:  I hope your spermies arrive fresh and on time!  I have heard of people doing this successfully a few years ago, when I first joined this board.  I hope you get the same results!

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Ugly old witch showed up today a day early even.... So I'm oot and will b taking a little break ... The Re makes me take a cycle off with injectables so August is out ... Aug is my bday so now I get to go to the hot springs and relax :/ that's my prize for not being pregnant ... I'm most ok and expected it ... I may not go back on injectables for a bit because of starting new job ... I won't have the flexibility I do now greensad.gif ill just do a clomid cycle as I did respond to that as well...
I'm also going to try n lose weight ... The re said even losing 20-30 lbs will help me greatly ....

I'd still like to hang around here to support and cheer while I'm on break

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cananny . . sorry for that but glad you have a pos outlook and can go enjoy your birthday.  and yes, please stay around for cheering on! 

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hug2.gifCAnanny.  So sorry AF showed.  :(  Here's hoping your break won't need to last too long.  And hey, maybe that clomid cycle will do the trick!

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cananny---Uggg...I am so sorry. greensad.gif

Krista--Sorry to hear about the polyps and the fact you have to put your body through something else--but you will be all cleaned out! THAT should count for something! (I like pokey's "pristine uterus" description!)

La da da....only 3dpo and moodier than I have ever been. Would that be from the progesterone that I am taking?
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