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tandy - Yep, expecting AF over here, tomorrow as well.  I suppose there's still some chance, but all signs point to no, and I'm ready to be moving on.  It's actually surprisingly freeing to not be in limbo anymore and to be able to move on to thinking about the next cycle.  Which will be awesome (he said sarcastically) because it looks like she'll ovulate on September 4.  Yes, the Tuesday after Labor Day.  And we'll need to ship sperm. Best we can probably do is overnight it on Friday and get it on Saturday and hope to god she ovulates on the early side.  There's no way to deliver Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.  WTF, world?  

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Well, we're officially out.  Back to waiting to O, please.


Geez, who knew this would be so upsetting?

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Oh easttowest: sorry to hear it.  <3

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Easttowest. Sorry for your bfn and I hope you get an early or day late O! When we did get our BFP my kd had an emergency that made him two days late and that was the only month I ever o'd late so sometimes the universe works! And they do just crush you, don't they. Sorry to you and Dw.
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easttowest: that sucks. sorry to hear it. but i agree that simply getting past the TWW is going to liberating. my next O date is september 1, or so i think. it is comforting to be in this bizarre new life schedule together. 

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pokey: Can you please move me to waiting to be ready? My doc said she can check my hormone levels to see if Clomid would even be helpful, then maybe an ultrasound and/or HSG. What is the indication for an HSG? I may or may not have scar tissue down there. Hopefully after all this, I will have a better answer about which direction to go next, RE, etc.


Cananny: WTH?!? You lucky gal you!! 3!!! Congrats!!!!carrot.gifbanana.gifbroc1.gifStick sticky stick!!


tandy: On the Clomid, the only answer I have so far is that it may not even be needed if I ovulate correctly.


easttowest: BOOOOOO on AF!!


AFM: I finally got AF two days ago, my longest cycle in a while. I called my doctor and she suggested the fertility clinic, but I called back to ask about a medicated cycle. She said that we could check my levels and then go from there. I just hate taking off a whole cycle! UGH and as for my DP, who knows? She is so busy with her bar business, it's like she does not even really want this...especially not for her right now. We need to have a heart-to-heart I suppose. Well I will check back in with you guys after my appt next week. Any special labs I should request??

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Lise ... 3 mature:)

Everyone else ... We r still in shock over here !!!!!

Will post more later
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Well my will power didn't quite hold up and I had a bfn this morning at 12dpo with dolor store cheapie so probably start tomorrow or Monday :-(
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<3 Sorry, hoping......  <3

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Does anyone have an informed opinion on red raspberry leaf tea? I have read that it might help with conception, that it can make the luteal phase longer, and that it promotes good uterine health in general. BUT I have also heard it can cause miscarriage, which is obviously counter to the entire point of this. Herbs are not regulated, and doctors often warn against using any of them during pregnancy, to the point that you can't drink any kind of herbal tea, but I know there are some on here who might have midwife experience and know some more. I want to do whatever can help our chances, but not if it risks miscarriage.

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hoping. . hope it's just early still. . don't give up yet!  


easttowest. . I have been wondering about raspberry leaf too, no idea, only herbs I took were from my infertility acupuncturist. . 


ErinTN . . sorry, I know it's frustrating to have to take off a cycle, I agree with you that trying not to check levels first seems like a good plan, the more you can avoid the more complicated routes seems to be the best way to go. . hoping the time passes quickly!  Sorry you are having those struggles with DP, it's hard to not be on the same page or to feel like you are not. Def have that heart to heart.  When DH and I were talking about starting he was still in school and was no way ready to TTC and I was so ready and I ended up just having to wait a little more and he started a little sooner than he was ideal for him and the compromise worked in the end.  I hope it works out for you!!!  hugs 


AFM. . okay, this is sort of OT but was wanting to give my KDs a gift for their move.  They are driving and I was thinking about a gift card for gas or trying to find out where they were staying and pay for a hotel night one night but don't know if I could do that.   What do you think?  Anyone know what the most common gas stations are in CA and TX ?  I didn't want to do a care package or anything else they would have to pack.  

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Cordelia15, what about a St*bucks card?  They have those in tons of rest stops.  


And, welcome to new folk!  Hope your stay here is short and sweet!  


AFM--well, we just bought the cap (there is a cap for the sib pool) for our sperm donor (who is sold out with vials available for sib's only) which has left me freaking out a bit.  We have 12 vials, but we know how quickly that amount can be gone through.  It's been hard to accept that sperm from a particular donor is a finite resource and once it's gone, it's gone.  Soooo, just in case, I'm trying to get my head around the notion that all of our children may not have the genetic connection of a shared donor.  I wish we had bought more sperm sooner...


Otherwise, we try again on Tuesday.  DW has two dominant follies and does the Ovidrel shot tonight.  That said...timing.  The IUI is scheduled for 2 in the afternoon on Tuesday.  The clinic said to do the shot between 6 and 8pm tonight.  Our old clinic was really strict about 36 hours prior for timing and this would be more like 42 hours.  Should we ignore them and set the alarm clock for 2am?  Thoughts?

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wishin -- for the last insem, they wanted me to trigger at 8pm for an insem 40ish hours later.  based on research and my previous experiences with the trigger shot and ovulation pain, i decided that was too late, and i waited and triggered around 11pm instead (closer to 37 hours pre-insem).  i started having the ovulation pains just before the insemination, and they stopped about two hours afterward.  given the disco party that's going on in my belly right now, i'd say it was a good decision winky.gif.   good luck!  

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Well, as predicted, I can be moved to waiting to O.  It was only our first cycle TTC, so I am not too disappointed. We have prepared ourselves for the fact that this is going to be a process, and in a weird way, the arrival of AF is welcome after a TWW that I didn't have much faith in... fingers crossed for round 2. 


hope everyone is a having a lovely sunday so far. 

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Sorry Tandy. Hopefully September is your month!
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Cananny-How are you and Dp?..Still in shock?..Tired morning sickness ect?

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Mami... Yes still in shock we r trying to figure out the expenses ... Being I may not b able to work for long and losing my income will be hard... Being a nanny is tough no benefits :/ deciding if a move to az where my fam is and a lot cheaper to live is worth leaving ca ... Portland is also an option it's where k family is moving towards ... It's just so exp to live in the bay area . We r not making any huge decisions until 13 weeks or so ....
No ms yet and really tired all the time ... Have hard time eating enough or even at all ....
In other news I hurt my back and in some awful pain ( old injury acting up) I can't stand up or walk took Tylenol but no relief ... I can't take any of the meds I have for this ... So I'm just lying in bed .... Any ideas for natural remedies ? Is icy hot safe?
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Cananny, while you are lying on your back (on a firm surface) try having DP help you stretch your hamstrings really well (one leg extended out along the floor, the other leg "up" and supported by DP who applies gentle pressure to assist in the stretch--make sure you stretch both sides).  This helps me when my lower back goes out (tight hamstrings can pull your sacrum out of alignment).

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Cananny: I have chronic pain and have been told by my doctors that it is OK to take T2s or T3s in pregnancy. Nothing seemed to be absolutely safe and recommended other than tylenol but the doctor said that lots of pregnant people have chronic pain or accidents that require more pain relief and that codeine is probably the safest.


Wishin': We also had challenges with limited sperm available. We are trying to conceive our second child right now and only have 4 vials. It created a lot of stress so we decided to do super ovulation to increase our odds (rather than regular inseminations).  Then I overstimulated and I had the choice of cancelling or converting to IVF (where there was a 60% success rate we were told). So we converted. But basically I feel we are doing ivf due to limited sperm and our desire for our daughter to have a sibling from our same donor.


AFM - 8dp5dt - tomorrow I have a blood pregnancy test. But I am in so much pain now. It looks like I might have a bit of hyperstimulation from the IVF. Very very painful, but I live really far from the clinic (5hours) so when they suggested going in for a check-up, I said I'll wait and see. 



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EasttoWest, Tandy, HopingtobeMoms, and anyone else I missed: I'm sorry about the BFNs. I find it sucks whether it's your first time or your tenth. May next month be lucky for everyone.


Cordelia, we drove cross-country some years back, and received a Chevron gas card which was hugely helpful all the way from CA to TX (after which they disappear). Don't bother with Starbucks because once you're in Eastern CA they disappear, even from rest stops. Nice idea!


easttowest, I do not have an informed opinion on RRL tea, but what my midwife told me last time around was that if a cup of tea could end a pregnancy, Planned Parenthood would be out of business. She felt like concentrated herbs should be carefully considered, but that tea wasn't going to sway things one way or another. This probably isn't helpful, but that's all I've got.


Cananny, I'm sorry you're in pain, and still feeling overwhelmed. Sending you lots of hugs and good wishes.


Tara, I hope that you're feeling the pain of an imminent BFP! Fingers crossed.


Wishin', we switched donors after my DD was born because one of her donor sibs was born with some issues. Our bank said we could still use the sperm we had bought, but required us to get a doctor's note saying that we understood the risk, etc. As it turns out, my DP actually wanted to switch - DP felt like putting so much importance on the donor was highlighting biology as what makes a family. I didn't necessarily feel the same way, but I also am the baby carrier in our family, and thus, have a bio connection to our DD, and will to future children as well. I felt like DP, as the non-gestational, non-bio, parent, got to weigh in more on the issue. So when we found out there was a potential issue with the donor, it was an easy decision to make. It's funny, I just don't really care very much about the donors at this point- they seem sort of irrelevant. But I realize that there's a whole spectrum of opinion on this, and I'm pretty far to one side. I should also say that we don't keep in touch with donor sibs, at this point anyway, so that wasn't really an issue for us. We did use willing to be known donors for both TTC rounds- that felt important to me.


AFM, I tested on Saturday, at 9dpo (which was the day I got a BFP with DD), and....



I'm a little in shock! I know it's super early, so I'm not celebrating (or telling anyone IRL) yet, but I do feel really excited. My clinic won't do a beta 'til 14 dpo, because they want to make sure the trigger shot is gone, so I have to wait until Thursday for that. I'm not too worried about it being a trigger-shot positive because I've tested out the trigger on my last two cycles and it's been gone by 5dpo, and because I feel pretty pregnant! Sore boobs, cramps, etc. So, we'll see what happens.


For anyone who's curious, this was the cycle in which we switched from Clomid to Femera, and I think that made a big difference. My lining was getting so thin with Clomid, I don't think anything could have stuck in there if it had wanted to. I'm also fairly thin, which apparently exacerbates the problem.


So for now, crossing my fingers for a sticky pregnancy, and hoping to see more BFPs rolling in!


(And if you're wondering about the tiger, go back a page and read my previous post...)

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