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YAY!!! Angela & J!!!






(My lips are sealed!!!)

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I can't remember if I said CONGRATS Cananny on the triplets! Wow! You have a lot of planning to do, but it will be a blessing no doubt!


Easttowest and Tandy and anyone I missed -- sorry about the BFNs.


Angela - woo-hoo! So glad you got a BFP.


AFM -- CD 1 around here, at last. Otherwise it would have been CD43. Had wicked depressing emotional PMS over the weekend. Doc's office still has not straightened out my insurance issue "because the doc was on vacation last week" (naturally) and the financial person said she needed to talk to the doc *before* she talked to my ins co. Of course, the fact that there was going to be a delay was not communicated to me. I am sched for a baseline u/s Thursday, and will be doing clomid and a trigger shot. (my first trigger shot ever)

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angela - omg congrats on your tigerrific BFP. so exciting!! 


I'm not poking myself with needles yet.... i'm on cd 23 so i guess we'll be starting in a week or two. egads. 

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Just wanted to say I'm very sorry to everyone who got a BFN recently.  Some of you are new to the process so don't lose hope yet!  I'm rooting for you.


RRL tea - The midwife I consulted about conception advises clients to drink RRL tea to improve fertility.  She sells a blend with nettles and red clover.  I recently started drinking the tea again after a break.  Which reminds me, I should make some tonight.


Angela - I'm so happy for you tigers!  I know you were getting a little discouraged.  I hope everything turns out perfectly and you don't have to bother thinking about all that IVF stuff at all.








AFM - 2 BFN's for me and AF is starting today.  We both took it pretty hard.  Did some retail therapy yesterday and ate some cake.  I think I'll have a drink tonight.  Feeling a little depressed.  We have faith, but we never thought it would be this hard.  Thanks everyone for your support and well wishes.  We are taking this month off and will try again after that.

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Pokey, I'm really sorry. Was this your first try since your loss? I personally have found the BFN after a loss to be particularly painful. Big hugs to you guys.

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Thank you, Angela.  This was our second try since the loss.  It was the first time we tried Femara + injectables.  I had 8 follicles on the left only ranging from 15 to 25mm.  When I did get pregnant before all the follicles were on the right.  Not sure if that's significant at all.  The doctor was worried we would have octuplets.  Maybe it will work better next time.  Cananny and nosreves were successful on their 2nd tries with injectables. 

My lining has also improved greatly since I stopped the Clomid.  I'm so glad the Femara worked for you.  It's all those Femara success stories that give me hope.

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Congrats, Angela!  May it be a healthy pregnancy.


So sorry, pokey.  Thank you for the advice on the tea, I will pick some up today.

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Angela congrats joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

Pokey sorry for the bfn that sucks

Tara my news??

Cananny. Thank goodness for no ms yet it'll come soon enough

Afm I can be moved to waiting to o started last night gona be temping this cycle nd peeing on sticks to watch for o this cycle. My donor continues to be great and very supportive. Got to meet his 2 beautiful little ones on sat which made this bfn a little better
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oh pokey, i feel like this on your behalf. 


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Angela--congratulations!!  Hmmm...perhaps I need to go buy a tiger family orngtongue.gif


Pokey--that's major suckiness...I hope the retail therapy did the trick.  


AFM--we try tomorrow, DW triggered about 39 hours prior so I'm hoping that the timing was okay (she triggered three hours after they told her to).  She is feeling very hopeful...I'm trying to be hopeful too.  She's had cranial/acupuncture and is taking a bazillion herbs right now and limiting sugar and "cold" foods, so we certainly can't say we haven't been trying ;)

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Wishin- good luck! I triggered 39 hours pre-IUI this time and it worked. Fingers crossed! Also, I meant to say earlier, I had 5 vials left over from our old donor (though we traded them in after the donor sib issue), and just got pregnant on the last vial. I am very hopeful that 12 will get you guys all the babies you need!
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angela/.. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!


pokey. . sorry for your bfn. . hope it's your last one ever.  hope you enjoy cake and wine! 


outdoorsy. . sorry for the PMS and the annoying delay in communication about the insurance, those must have really worked nicely together.  .


wishing AND hoping.  good luck to both of you. . 

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Pokey, I'm so sorry to hear about the BFN. I know you've been at it a long time. I am with you on the cake and retail therapy -- "doing our part to boost the consumer confidence index" -- ha ha! Warm wishes to you for a good rest and successful cycle next time around.


Wishin - Good luck to you both! Go swimmers!


AFM - More than a month after I started with the RE, her financial office decides a need an HSG before the ins co will cover my cycle. So I'm suddenly scheduled for an HSG on Monday at a Boston-area hospital. I've never been there or had an HSG before. They're having me take an antibiotic to ward off any infection from the HSG, but they say I'm still OK to insem this month. I'll be taking the antibiotic and the Clomid concurrently. Maybe the HSG will find something -- who knows! Until now the midwife had been telling me that needing an HSG probably wasn't my medical issue, but they don't really know if they don't check, do they?

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Outdoorsy- I hope the HSG is swift and painless, and gets you the insurance coverage you're due. Fingers crossed for a good cycle!


AFM, I just convinced my clinic to let me come in and get a beta (12dpo). Waiting on eggshells for the results, which should hopefully be in this afternoon. Yikes.

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outdoorsy - I thought the HSG was going to be so awful. I really worked myself up about it, but it wasn't that bad. Actually, it was kind of embarrassing how upset I got for nothing. More than diagnosing anything (although that's good too) it's also theraputic and can clear minor mucous blockage out of the tubes. People have increased fertility after an HSG. Good luck! 

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Angela: Congrats! That's thrilling news!! 


Wishing: Good luck! Wishing and hoping for you!


Pokey: I am so so sorry to hear about your BFN-- keep heart. It will work soon. In the meantime, be kind to yourself. 


AFM, Nothing to report. Seems like all I do is wait... 

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My beta was 87 at 12dpo! According to betabase (and my doctor!) this is good. We go back Thursday for another blood draw. Feeling cautiously optimistic! Thanks, everyone, for all of the great support here.

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yay angela!!!!! 



blueman.gif   joy.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif broc1.gif broc1.gif broc1.gif broc1.gif carrot.gifjammin.gif jammin.gif jammin.gif jammin.gif  banana.gif   broc1.gif broc1.gif broc1.gifbroc1.gif   joy.gifblueman.gif  

blueman.gif   joy.gif carrot.gifbanana.gif broc1.gif broc1.gif   broc1.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gifjammin.gif jammin.gif jammin.gif jammin.gif jammin.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif broc1.gif  broc1.gifbroc1.gif   joy.gif blueman.gif   

blueman.gif   joy.gif carrot.gifbanana.gif broc1.gif broc1.gif   broc1.gifbroc1.gif carrot.gifjammin.gif jammin.gif jammin.gif jammin.gif jammin.gif banana.gifbroc1.gif broc1.gif  broc1.gifbroc1.gif   joy.gif blueman.gif    

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popping in to say congrats to angela!!!! joy.gifjoy.gif

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Pokey--I hope that your dancing veggies are just a cycle away...


AFM--62 million swimmers and 57% motility, go donor!  We are officially in the TWW...

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