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Outdoorsy. TY for the welcome! I'm glad to be here!!

sotohana, hope the best for you and DW im sending all the dust.gif I can yous guys way!


invitnconceptn, Thank ya for welcoming meeh! I can't wait till i can move to the Q & P, but for now i'll hang with yous guys! I cant agree more with the support system...that's what led meeh here. Of course, my DP is behind meeh 100%, but as far as everything else goes..i'm lacking. Mye mother doesnt agree with how I live mye life so I can't go to her with any hopes, concerns, fears, or anything. Mye sisters (that i have in this country) don't support meeh. I have this terrible feeling that they're jelous of the relationship meeh & DP have and are constantly trying to bring meeh down. THAT, I DON'T NEED at this critical time in mye life. I'm the only one going through this right now, and whats hard for meeh is that mye 2 best friends are pregnant right now. Im more than happy for them, but it frustrates meeh sometimes how easy it is for them. Hopefully when I have these moments and need a support system or just someone who truly knows what i'm going through i can come to you all for help!


fingers and toes crossed for those of you in the TWW!!

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easttowest and cordelia: Are you both using shipping kits with a KD? That's what we are looking to do and are a little hesitant to do so because it seems like it might be a better financial decision to save the $$ and buy plane tickets every couple of months instead. It's good to hear that others have gotten pregnant this way. 


good luck to everyone in the TWW


Welcome to fmorris


AFM: The first convo with KD was great. We are all on the same page and moving forward with testing and what not. After we sent information about what testing we wanted done he made an appointment for this friday with his Dr. Such a great guy, he was so excited to help us start a family, couldn't ask for a better situation. It's all starting to seem so real now, which is exciting. Now I just hope that I'm ovulating on a regular basis, fingers crossed. 

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2 justice mamas. . yes we are using shipping kits with KD. . for us timing is just too hard to wait for flights, so doing the kits in the meantime makes us feel like we are moving ahead. . I do think that saving money for flights makes just as much sense if you have the time to go.  Once you do a few inseminations you can make it cheaper by just saving the kit and ordering TYB (test yolk buffer)  Most shipping places will sell them separately.  Shipping is expensive too so really if you do two inseminations a month for everything you really could get a plane ticket.  Still for me, it's emotionally worth it to move ahead and also as I'm a little bit older I don't want to waste too much time and as I need to try for 6 months before getting extra help (if I need it)  I want to make sure I'm trying!!!  And it is great news about your donor!  

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Cordelia pretty much summed it up. This will be our first month shipping, since we paid to have our KD come to us last month. Of course, he's also my brother, so mostly we were paying to have him come visit and hang out anyway. It was a lot of fun and really good to get out all the wtf are we doing conversations in person. Buying the kit and shipping will set us back about $200 each month, which is far less than shipping my brother out, plus he has a job and a life and all. And buying sperm would set us back even more than that, not to mention all the medical tests and everything that are necessary to register with a bank. So financially and emotionally, this is the best call for us. Of course, it does come with its downsides and lots of anxiety. FedEx apparently messed up the shipment, so the kit won't get to our donor until tomorrow, when it was supposed to today. No big deal on this end, but if it doesn't get to us overnight on Friday, we're out this month. Good luck, 2justicemamas! (And everyone else.)
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easttowest. . hope your shipment arrives on time!  our first one was perfect, the second I ended up picking up at the fedex shipping place bc it was late and I didn't trust it to get out on the truck.  Someone else told me Fed-ex messed up their shipments several times and UPS never did but for us UPS was about $70 more for some reason so we took the risk and the shipments ended up working out if not the other part.  Oh and just as a heads up, they will ask you what you are shipping and what the value is, my KD decided it was small clothing items worth $50.  I told him he WAY undervalued it   :) 



fmmorris. . sorry you don't feel like you have the support system you would like here, and it can be hard to have those around you pregnant but just think you might get a lot of good hand me downs from coming a few months after!  I hope it is easy for you too.  .

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mrs--Yes! Good for you! 12 hours is definitely too soon unless you are using fresh...in fact, I think that even if frozen sperm can live awhile outside of the body or in the cervix, it REALLY decreases it's lifespan by being directly deposited into the uterus. Doctors just don't always know because they don't deal with frozen as often (if ever!).

I have no idea what is going on with you all right now because of how busy I have been getting my classroom and curriculum ready for the beginning of the school year. So, hello! wave.gif I wish you all luck and peace with wherever you are in your cycles.

Any bites on threadkeeper? If not, I will do it again.
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oh, yes - I forgot to say - my tubes were clear on the HSG. My next u/s is Friday. But with my history that may be too early for the RE to tell me when I need to use the trigger shot.

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Cordelia - Well that's terrifying!  Who knew they messed up so much.  The guy who shipped our kit told us to ship FedEx; there's no real cost difference between FedEx and UPS.  Maybe I'll just tell KD to ship it whichever has an office closest to his house.  As long as there's Saturday overnight delivery, it doesn't matter much.  But I don't trust USPS at all.

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easttowest. . totally did not mean to scare you or add stress, my delivery's mostly worked out and I don't know if for the other person it was just a question of where they lived.  I imagine yours will work out!  


outdoorsy. . that's good about the tubes being clear right?  I am easily confused with all the extra testing. . if so, that's great!  


lisedea. . good luck on the new school year! 

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HELP...advice needed...I have been attempting to use opks this cycle and am using answer tests I know that the line for a positive surge is supposed to be as dark as the control and then insem 24 hours later yesterday am I had a very faint line and then this morning there was no line at all...I am also temping with a slight temp increase today but I slept in till about 10 when I have been temping at around 6 before work as far as cervical fluid (tmi alert)'its still thick and cloudy... I'm confused my donor is available today and tomorrow and possible Sunday should I insem today or wait till tomorrow or did i miss it completely
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hoping - As far as I know, many women do not get a "fade in" to the positive OPK.  That is, just because you had a faint line yesterday, doesn't mean there's something wrong if you got no line today.  Both are negative.  It's not positive until it's as dark or darker than the test line.  If you want a more exact result, you could get the ClearBlue that gives you a smiley face when it's positive.  Also, once you get the positive, you could ovulate anytime from 12-36 hours (on average) later.  So I probably wouldn't wait until 24 hours later to insemiate if you can help it.  Eggs only live for less than a day, but sperm can live for several days (frozen for less, though).  Using fresh sperm, I'd think it's always good to get ahead of the O, rather than after.


Take all this advice with a grain of salt, given that we've been at this a month.

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hoping. . def insem tonight if you can. . I agree with easttowest that the lighter one is not positive but if you are only testing once a day with the light opks you could have missed it. . all opks are different but I know the cheap ones I use you have to test btwn 11am and 10 pm bc LH is synthesized in the morning and it will read differently in am and pm for some people so if you tested with FMU you could have been getting a fade-in from the night before. . and like easttowest says it is always better to be ahead of the game so put some sperm up in there!  especially if you can do tomorrow and next day too., , better to have a welcoming party than waving good-bye 

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Easttowest, and Cordelia thank you for your responces it doesn't look like today is happening anyway and I will try to use a second urine after 11 to test tomorrow
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cordelia, this is the best support i've gotten since DP and I starting our TTC journey. In the short time i've been here, you ladies have made meeh feel soooo much better and at home. And like i actually do have ppl rooting for meeh and DP. And you're so right about the hand-me-downs! Mye sis just had twin girls in May, so if I have a girl i've got it made and i know one of mye bestie's is having a boy..i'm covered!  Thanks a million!


EVERYONE..... I also have a question ladies. So, fraternal twins run in mye family. Mye Nan had mye mum and her twin brother, mye mom had none (just us 3 girls), and mye sister just had twins in May. For mye cycles, I'm also taking 50mg's of clomid...now mye question is....seeing as i have twins in mye genes already, does this up mye chances to conceive twins???? I do hear it usually skips a generation (which was mum's).  This is slightly overwhelming, but I think about it, and it'd be exciting to have twins (DP might faint lol but will get over it)..and maybe i'd get lucky enough to have 1 boy nd 1 girl like mye nan did with mye mum and her brother :).  Just curious if anyone knows. TY ladies!


hoping, wishing you the best of luck! I see your in the south too..im just a state away :)

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Hi everyone! 


Wow, I kinda fall off the boards for a month-ish and there's all these new peeps!!  Congrats to all the BFPs, that's super exciting!!


A quick update to let ya'll know I haven't crawled under a rock!  DW is set for fibroid removal in October.  She's decided to go back to school and keep working away at her degree while we sort this out.  We are so hooped financially, and the clinic wants a $3000 deposit.  That's a lot of OT... soooo we may be pushing everything back AGAIN, just because of money reasons, but one step at a time.  


Both of my also difficult TTC work buddies got pregnant 2 months ago (they're 12 and 13 weeks), both were INCREDIBLY awesome and sensitive in telling me, and I'm genuinely pleased as PUNCH that they are pregnant (both also told me very early, one at 8 weeks and the other at 10).


I've become a rather miserable and bitter person, so to cope, I've stopped blogging.  We've stopped talking about the baby.  I've put all the baby things in a box in our storage locker in the basement in our condo building.  We've just kinda shoved stuff in the 2nd bedroom and kept the door closed.  We're trying to cope with this desperate emptiness by trying to keep one foot in front of the other.  We're 15 months into this business of trying to have a baby, and we've seen so many people get pregnant and now their babies are born and getting big and learning to crawl and do all kinds of amazing things.  Fortunately we're surrounded by many amazing people who don't say stupid things like "enjoy your quiet time now!!".  


Anyways, I'm sorry about my ramble.  Wishing everyone the best of luck!

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Cordelia - funny you should ask whether clear tubes on the HSG are good. It's definitely good news in the sense that the eggs can get down my tubes. I am glad of that! I don't even know how invasive the treatment is if they're blocked. On the flip side, though, the doc's staff told me that if my tubes were blocked, all my fert treatment would be covered by insurance.


fmorris - I am a fraternal twin. Having it in your family and then taking Clomid does raises the chances a small amount, but the overall chances are still pretty low. If you end up going to injectibles, that raises the chances a little more. Like you, I've heard the "skip a generation" thing, but that's far from definite.


darth -- I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling miserable. You've been through a lot. DW and I have not allowed ourselves to buy any baby things out of fear that we, too, would be storing them away. I hope it gets better. Hugs to you.

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hoping--I am sorry you are having a frustrating time with OPKs. They can be very confusing... When I used them, (cheap internet ones) I tested twice a day. Once when I first woke up and then at 2:00pm. I always had a fade in....always a few days before they noticeably got darker and I knew it was getting close. The only time I ever got my positive though was during the afternoon--so DEFINITELY test then!

darth--Nice to 'see' you back! I am sorry you have been feeling so bitter...I know how that feeling WAY too well. I am going on 23 months. Uggg. It's awful.

Welcome fmorris!

easttowest/cordelia--Just wanted both of you to know I have been using FedEx for almost two years and have never had any issues--and I live on an island so things are extra confusing. Not saying that they don't have their mess-ups...but I think you might get that with any company now and then.

6dpo for me. I feel like it has been much longer...but have been staying preoccupied. Trying to ignore all of my progesterone-induced pregnancy symptoms. smile.gif
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6DPO for me too, Lise. I'm feeling really crappy this morning- sick to my stomach, headache...just generally really shitty.

Fingers crossed that its a good sign. 

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darthtuna. . sorry you are having a hard time. . I watched a good friend of mine struggle for two years before finally getting pregnant with twins, it's heartbreaking, and a personal challenge that compares to few other things. . I hope that your struggle will be over soon. .


sotohana. . good luck, hope those are good signs too! 


lisedea. . thanks for the info about fed-ex. . i suspect you are right and the folks I know just had a string of bad luck with their shipments. . and I hope your BFP is around the corner. 


outdoorsy. .that does sounds like a good news/bad news scenario for your tubes but in the end I think it's always best to be healthier but full coverage does sound like a dream! 


AFM. . so I passed through the ovulation without being able to do an insem and am feeling better.  DH sent me flowers a card from our future kid saying they were sorry but they were waiting for the right time and to please be patient and how excited they were to be able to join our family. .It was so sweet.  I hung it on our fridge and it keeps me more relaxed and trusting in this process.

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On the plus side of HSGs...I have heard that an HSG can increase fertility for a few months b/c it clears the tubes out so well.  


Darthtuna--totally hear you on how tough it can be...


TWW buddies...hope it's going well for all of you.


AFM--DW is 9 dpo and has no symptoms of anything.  She is having some sleep troubles and I think it's the progesterone.  Has anyone on progesterone experienced insomnia or sleep interruptions?  

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