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First time went alright, not as awkward as it could have been, though perhaps not as successful.  Still negative OPK this morning, so last night's timing was probably too early. So that's good, because we can give donor two days to recupe and try again on Thursday, and then again on Saturday.  Or something.  We'll see.  Is like a quarter of a teaspoon of sample normal?  I keep reassuring myself it is, but holy crap, that seems like a small amount.  What's the best way to draw up?  I used an 18 g needle into a 3 ml syringe, which is what I use for my testosterone, but that did not work so well, and I don't want to lose too much in the process, since there's so little to start with.  And the syringe was mostly air, which is probably not great.


Good luck to everyone else who is trying, waiting, hoping...

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easttowest--Yes, probably too early for ovulating BUT the fresh sperm lives quite a while--so I think it is totally fine to have done it that early--especially if you have more opportunities this cycle to insem. I always had a bit more sperm than that (we started loooong ago with a KD before relationships got messy) but it would depend on the time--each "batch" was always different. I always figured, anything is better than nothing!! Sorry, I can't remember the size of the syringe that we used but always made sure to get as much air out of it as possible--but it was always pretty bubbly.
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easttowest - glad you got the first one over and agree with lisedea that probably too early but since the fresh ones live 3-5 days it's still worth a chance. . re amount. . not sure in tsp what is normal.  With our first donor we got anywhere from 1-3 cc and got knocked up on the first shot so amount doesn't really matter so much, it's more the count and health so I wouldn't worry too much.  We drew up from the "sample cup"  right into a 5 cc glass syringe.  our 2nd KD said he produced a lot more than the average guy and we get about 5cc from him.  He said that was above average, and since he has been with a lot more sis guys than I ever have (which is not hard) I trust him.  And again, that amount does not mean there are more sperm so who knows. . it sounds like your timing for the next two should be perfect. . good spread! 

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jenny--I kept meaning to write in and let you know that I ALWAYS have to pee more for about a week after an IUI. In fact, the past 3 nights I have had to get up in the middle of night (normally I never do that).
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Lisedea: Thanks for that info!  It's unreal how much I have to pee.  I wake up every night.  At least it isn't an infection and in the future, I will know what to expect and not go on antibiotics needlessly.

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Cordelia- Good luck on your 2ww!! Hope it is easy for you!

Pokey- I actually use digital and cheapies for reference. I have had egg white
CM for several days. My DP told me it was a full moon tonight so maybe that's
a good sign!! Ha! I never had O pain until last cycle and it has not gone away,
which makes me wonder about an ovarian cyst (never had one). I guess all I
can do is wait, right?

Thanks for the advice guys wink1.gif
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So I took a test this am (day 14) and got a BFP!


I'm so confused because I have been cramping for 3 days and thought for sure my period would have shown up if it wasn't for the progesterone suppositories. I'm hesitant to get excited at this stage... going to go buy an frer and try again. I thought for sure I was out this cycle and now I'm just scared to get excited. Has anyone heard if period-like cramps are normal at this stage?


UPDATE: So I took a First Response test about 3hrs later and it was positive too. I'm officially excited now :) Trying to get a hold of my Dr. to go in for a blood test.


Hope there are many more BFP's to follow!

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Yay Zero!!!!!!!!! Great news!!!! Pass it this way please!
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Here's hoping it rubs off on the rest of us!  Sticky vibes to you!!!!!! 

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Congratulatons newzero!  Sounds like you worked everything out perfectly.  I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out.  Let me know when you want to be moved to Graduates. I have heard from other people that it is normal to have mild cramping early in a pregnancy.








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the new zero. . congrats and yes cramping totally normal!  happy and healthy nine! 

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I'm new to bbt charting..I've had a 2 day dip 4 and 5 days past ovulation? I thought the one yesterday way due to not sleeping well but it was still low this am. It's way too early for AF, I thought that your temp always stays up after o so im a little confused with my chart. Googled it and some people talk about an implantation dip. Anyone heard of it before or what else could cause a dip so early?
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Congrats the new zero!!!!!!!!!!! Two Bfp down many more to come!!!!!!
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Thanks everyone for the well wishes!


I took another FRER this morning and it was very slightly darker (had to stare hard at it). I went in yesterday for my blood test, and just got my results. At 14dpo my levels are at 88. My Dr. said that wasn't bad, but not really high either... yikes! I go back in monday for another test, so will just have to wait until then. In the meantime, my dp and I are meeting up with my family to go camping for the weekend and I will try to enjoy myself and be stress free (yea right).


Good luck to everybody still in it!

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Monk--Do you have a link so we could see your chart? Does it dip below the coverline? And yes, it could be implantation dip if you end up shifting to a higher temp range than you had after O (into a triphastic). Keep in mind that temps are really only for knowing when you ovulate and where it falls after your lh surge--sometimes they just go up and down (sleeping differently, colder/warmer room temps, sleeping with mouth open, ect...) and you don't necessarily have to read into each individual one. I know how hard that is though...I used to temp religiously and study my chart about 50 times a day...and then compare to other charts that people were pregnant. I was a bit nuts. smile.gif
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Congrats, zero.  Definitely positive things happening on this thread!


Chalk it up to beginners' anxiety, but my wife and I are back to ask your knowledgeable opinions.  She got a positive OPK on the digital test yesterday morning, so we inseminated last night.  She got a negative this morning, but then later on she tested using just the cheap strips, and she got a dark line.  We're figuring that means that her LH levels this morning were not as high as yesterday morning (since ClearBlue calculates a personal peak to give a positive), but that they are still pretty high.  She says she may have ovulated last night or this morning, but it's still possible it might be tomorrow, right? Would you inseminate again tonight if it were you?  Sorry for the frantic newbie questions.  


This is her chart (I don't know how to do the fancy button thing): http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/3e59c0

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Congrats to cananny and zero! Awesome!

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2nd beta ... 432.... Looks like this bean is growing smile.gifjoy.gif
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jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif

jumpers.gif Whoop!! Whoop!!jumpers.gif

jumpers.gif                                                  jumpers.gif

jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif jumpers.gif

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Cananny - That's wonderful news!bouncy.gif


Jenny - You are so good with those emoticons!  I'm impressed.


easttowest - I usually assume that O is 24-36 hours after first positive OPK.  I have heard that younger women have longer surges, so that may be what you are detecting.  If you wife did ovulate last night or this morning, I don't think there would be much point in doing an insem tonight because the egg is only good for about 12 hours after it is released.  Fresh sperm can live for several days in the body, so it was probably there waiting.  All that being said, since it is free and if your KD is willing, it certainly can't hurt to do another one just in case.  I can't look at her chart right now because it's blocked on my computer so I don't have that info to go by.  I know all of this calculating can be crazy-making, but it sounds like you're doing just fine so far.  Good luck!

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