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easttowest--Her temp hasn't risen yet so I would definitely insem again tonight. Good luck!
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Cananny partytime.gif  great beta!!!  


AFM, we are still waiting for AF for our next cycle (fingers tapping...)  

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LOL, pokey.



Loving these BFP's!!


AFM:  I'm starting to lose hope.  Today is CD23 10dpIUI (11dpT) and aside from the frequent urination I have absolutely no other symptoms.  Yesterday, I thought I had some cramping and was hopeful for implantation cramping, but then this morning was BFN. I'm feeling less bloated.  What's weird is normally I would expect to have sore breasts and a zit or two showing AF was on the way, but it's almost like I never ovulated or something. Is it possible not to ovulate even with good E3 levels and a trigger? headscratch.gif

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I use an app on my phone to chart so I don't think there's a way to post it. My temp came back up this morning to its highest temp of the month and I'm 7 days away from expected AF. Hoping for good news on the 11th!!! My wife and I are trying not to get too excited because we got so sad last month when I didn't conceive. It's so hard not to think about it...just 1 week left.

Hoping to see a lot of BFPs on here soon!!!!
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Fingers crossed for you Monk!!!

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Ok I've seen this question on here before but when is the earliest you could have a dip
in temp below cover line for implanting? I am only 4 or 5 DPO and my temp was 97.3.
Does this mean I'm out?
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erin - I don't know about implantation dip timing, but I don't think this means you are out.  If it were AF coming, your temp should dip much later.  Mine usually does the day before I start AF.  It will probably go back up tomorrow.


Monk - I'm glad your temp went back up.  That is very good news!


Jenny - It's still early.  Give it a couple more days and test again.  I think you ovulated, but if you want to have more info you could ask for a progesterone test about 7 days after O.


Good luck everyone!  Hang in there! 

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Hey all--I need to stress again that you really cannot rely on individual temperatures. Temps fluctuate all of the time with temp of room, sleeping with mouth open, illness, or not sleeping well. Sometimes implantation dips occur and end up forming a triphasic looking chart. Check out this link: http://www.fertilityfriend.com/Faqs/Triphasic-Pattern-and-Pregnancy.html

And Erin, you are definitely not out with a temp drop right now! Just keep tracking and look at the temperatures as a whole when the cycle is completed. Try not to over analyze and just relax (ha, huh?? WAAYYY easier said than done! wink1.gif)

Jenny--Way too early to know! Also, I don't think it is possible to take a trigger and not ovulate (unless you don't have any eggs--but if your estrogen level was up high enough, you certainly had some).

Monk--Glad your temp went up!

AFM...8dpo. Totally moody and my boobs are sore and much bigger than normal (progesterone supplements!!). I think I am going to hold out for AF and not test. My beta will be scheduled for Friday the 10th if it hasn't shown by then.
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Ok, my chart that I wanted to post doesn't work. Sorry--it just kept showing my one from this cycle...and it is blank!
Edited by lisedea - 8/4/12 at 3:55pm
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Hi all!  We've been absent for a bit but I wanted to pop in today and check on everyone's progress and ask to be moved to WAITING TO KNOW!

Here's a fun little story I'd like to share:  Last night we went to PF Changs for a nice dinner before doing our insemination.  Turned out, one of my clients was the manager of the restaurant and he comped our meal which was such a nice surprise!  Our server didn't bring us any fortune cookies which I didn't notice until I came back from the restroom and saw a fortune strip stuck to the bottom of the foot of MY chair.  I don't know why I picked it up-it's not like me to pick up things off of a dirty restaurant floor, LOL...but I picked it up and read it:  "A small gift can bring joy to the whole family"  We totally took that as a sign, went home and did the insemination!  I hope it was a sign and we'll have good news to report in a couple of weeks!


Good luck to everyone waiting...we're all waiting for something, aren't we?!?!

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Hi Everyone, 

I'm new to this forum and to TTC in general. It seems like an awesome, supportive space. 

 My partner and I will be doing our first insem tomorrow morning (!!!) with frozen-- I had a positive OPK at midday today... 

I look forward to being part of this group!

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HeatherandKim: Here's hoping it's a wonderful sign!  I loved that story and definitely believe in things like that.  It's what reminds us to have hope and keep faith.  :-)



tandy: Welcome and good luck!  I love this little place -- helps keep you sane!

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lisedea- I cannot see your chart for some reason but your advice
makes sense. Yeah relaxing is the furthest thing from my mind! Lol
I am trying though! One day at a time right?

HeatherandKim- Very inspiring fortune I must say!! I love that place! Good

tandy- Welcome and good luck!
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I agree with what Lise said up above.  truedat.gif  It's hard not to freak out about every little thing but try to take it easy.


And good luck to you, Lise.  I am very hopeful for you this week!


Heatherandkim - That is a great story!  I have a recent fortune I saved on my fridge that says "Everything is impossible until someone does it."  I thought that was a nice message to remember.


Tandy - Welcome.gif We look forward to getting to know you. Tell us more about yourselves.  Good luck!  We can be cycle buddies.  I have an insem tomorrow morning too.  


AFM - I went to the RE today for an u/s to check out the follies.  The right side is still not doing anything.  I have 8 good ones on the left.  The RE seemed a little worried that there were so many.  She doesn't want us to have octuplets.  Neither do we!  We did the trigger shot then because the RE was worried that if we waited more of the follies would be mature and we would have multiples.  Made sense to us.  I'm not too worried about it because I have had 3 or 4 mature follicles in the past and did not end up pregnant with one baby so I don't there's much chance that a lot of the eggs will fertilize and keep growing.  We shall see.  It's nice that tomorrow is Sunday because I can relax as much as I want and hang out at home. 

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Congratulations Zero and Cananny!!!

How wonderful and exciting for you!!  Stick, little beans, stick!!


Lisedea, I meant to write in earlier and tell you I have that frequent peeing after an insem, too.  It's funny because I didn't pay too much attention to it, until reading your posts.  What you said about having to get up in the middle of the night to pee, when usually you never have to do that, is exactly me, too.  I never thought it was a UTI or anything bad, but it was just funny and weird to me that I had such urgency -- when I had to go, I needed to go NOW! 


AFM, it's been a good and busy week.  I had my first acupuncture session on Friday afternoon with someone who specializes in fertility and women's health.  It was lovely!  I really enjoyed the session, the chance to meditate a little, and she was an absolute sweetheart. 

I just came back home, now, from a 7am u/s and things looked great!  I don't know if it was the switch to Femara instead of Clomid, or the acupuncture, but my lining was an 8b.  On my first two insems, my lining was 5 and 5b.  So this is much better.  And quite a few large, open follicles, especially on my left side, which seems to be my more active side. 

So, trigger shot tonight, and insems tomorrow and Tuesday.


The only thing that kind of stinks about this is scheduling...  Since the lab needs to thaw our FDS and they open at 7:30, the earliest we can get an insem appt is 9:30.  Just a month ago, I started a new job and I'm trying to keep all this pregnancy stuff on the DL, so they don't get nervous about me not being reliable.  But so far, in the first month, I've had 2 Dr. appts that caused me to be in late or gone for part of the day.  And now here's two more days with the same issue.  I need some more excuses!

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pokey--8??? Oh my goodness!! Were they all mature?

lovestreet--Sorry about your work dilemma. Do you have a certain number of leave days or just take off what you need? How long does your clinic say it takes to thaw? When I did it at home it didn't take very long and at the clinic they need 15-20 minutes--maybe 30 if they have to wash it

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Thanks for the warm welcome! About us: me: 32, partner: 32. Live near Boston. Using a WTBK donor from Sperm Bank of California. Did first insem last night at 11pm after an 11am OPK. Will do another insem today at 4pm. We are planning to do about 4 cycles of at-home ICI, and if that fails, then we'll shift to IUI. That's the story. 

Congrats to Cananny and New Zero! 

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tandy: looks like we're not too far apart. Outdoorsy is in our neck of the woods as well.  :-)



pokey:  wow!  8 is great!  I'll send vibes for a manageable number of bab(ies) for your uterus.  Certainly not 8!!!  :-)



AFM: Last night, I THOUGHT I had a BFP with a CVS early response test -- there was definitely a line there, but very faint.  I don't think it was an evap line because it was actually blue and as it dried it was more obvious.  But then I did another one later last night and this morning and there is NOTHING.  So, maybe it was evap, maybe it was chemical pregnancy that's over. I need to give up the pee stick addiction and wait for my beta on Wednesday. I'm still peeing like crazy.  As a side note, I have so much respect for all of y'all that have been doing this cycle after cycle.  It is not for the faint of heart.  I'm afraid to get excited, yet I want to stay positive.  It is really difficult to find the balance between those two things.  I just don't want the excitement to run away from me.  3.5 more days, I can do it.

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Jenny - You can make it!  Stop driving yourself nuts!  Fingers crossed for you!


Lise - Not all 8 were mature when I did the trigger shot.  There were a couple at 15 and then it went up from there, so I don't think they will all be ready.  Fingers crossed for not more than 2 fertilizing and sticking.


AFM - First IUI this morning, 2nd one tonight.  Cervix was wide open this morning.  I haven't felt O yet, so I think it may happen tonight.  We have a lot of people in the TWW.  It's so exciting!  Good luck everyone!

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Pokey: Fingers crossed for you!!!

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