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Ugh, Thrush

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Well, despite not needing the antibiotics during birth Sebastian (and I) has thrush.


I am needing remedies for this for both of us. I have a very good feeling I have it on my nipples because about a week ago they started getting sore when he would latch on again even though his latch is fine.


Any help or advice is greatly appreciated!

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Boo.  So sorry--thrush sucks.  I've had some success with gentian violet, baking soda washes, and nystatin, which you might try first. 


The best thing I've used, however (I have a long history with thrush, sigh), is a probiotic called Florastor (they carry it behind the counter at most pharmacies, including Walgreens and Target and also make a kid's variety).   It contains a beneficial yeast called S. Boulardii, which actually removes and replaces the candida yeast.   My ped. had me swab DS3's mouth with 1/2 a capsule (or 1/2 a packet of Florastor kids) 3x a day, AND had me take 1 capsule 2x a day.  I did this when he had to receive IV abx at 10 days old to keep thrush away, and also to treat a case of full-blown thrush when he was 10 months.

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Thank you :D I was going to buy the culturelle kids probiotic powder but I will look into the brand you listed. I take probiotics via a chewable from GNC, hoping to keep thrush at bay but no luck :( There aren't many places that carry different herbs so when I asked several places if they had gentian violet I got quite a few blank stares lol

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