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is this really what teething is like??!!

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My 8 month old had his first fever (102-103) over the weekend.  We took him in to the dr & they said he had a virus, and noted he looked to be teething (he has no teeth yet).  HIs fever is now gone, but his attitude is miserable!  He has been up every hour the past 4 nights, screaming.  During the day he barely nurses & refuses anything else.  He acts ok for awhile, then just melts down.  He's been chewing on things harder & rubbing at his mouth alot.  He won't let me look at his gums, but when he bites me i don't feel any teeth.   I gave him ibuprofen last night, but it didn't seem to help.  Does this sound like just teething?  What can i do to help him?  I can't handle another night like this!

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Aw hon, sorry to hear LO is having such a hard time. The behaviour you describe is textbook teething, just more intense. I would bet that he is getting multiple teeth at the same time, that is why he is soooo unhappy. My DD started at four months and while she was in pain, it was milder. She got teeth one at a time for the first eight. Then she stopped teething for months. Recently she started teething again with a vengeance and sure enough, 6 teeth are coming pretty much at once!! The best pointer I have for you is to offer many cold things to chew on. Ice if he will take it, cold toys or plastic spoons or carrots if he doesn't. If you are offering solids, try them cold. My DD loves frozen peas for instance. Last summer while she was teething DD had a nursing strike and would only drink cold BM out of the fridge. I hope you find something that works. Hugs
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Yep, sounds like teething.  When my baby cut his first two teeth he was miserable... Juice popsicles helped, as did teething tablets and teething gel.  You'll see nothing and then whitish gums and then BAM! a tooth!  Hang in there!

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Yes, that sounds like teething. It can be awful for everyone! I just nurse extra, and give medicine right before bed if it's really bad--that way I get at least a couple hours of sleep. Cold stuff to chew on might help, but some babies don't go for that. There's not much you can do but wait it out. When that little tooth pokes through, he will be like a whole new baby!
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I'm going through pretty much the same with my 7 month old. It's off and on, but when it's on, he's miserable! greensad.gif


My first had 2 teeth come in right at 4 months and then one after another until they were all in. He never made a peep! This is all new to me. Poor babies in pain greensad.gif

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thanks!  he is a little bit better, but still NO TEETH!  every morning i wake up expecting to find him smiling w/ a full set of teeth!  someday...

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teeth come down a little then go back up a little then come back down more. it is hard to get them down through the gums. most of my kids were fine but a little fussy if just one was coming in. my last kid had 2 come in at a time every time except the once when 4 molars came in at once. that kid was miserable. i almost lost my mind. and i had an amber teething necklace on here, was giving her hylands teething tablets, cold things to chew on, and i still had to give her ibuprofen for her to sleep at night. i felt so bad for her. the trick to pain relief is to stay on top of it. dont wait until they are deep in pain, it makes the medicine less effective. i would get an amber necklace too. the necklace and tablets help by reducing swelling and stuff too.

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