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Chinese Herbs during IUI / IVF cycle?

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Hi everyone!


In looking ahead to our next cycle, my RE wants me off any herbs before starting a cycle. I asked my acupuncturist, 'at what point do i stop taking the herbs?' (i am presently taking powder form chinese herbs picked by the acupuncturist)


his response was i didnt have to stop. so of course in this conundrum, i am staying out of it. i will let the docs talk it over and see what transpires. i would like to stay on the herbs if it is safe to do. my acupuncturist went on further to say in taiwan, pts who go thru ivf are given herbs and continue taking them when cycling and do fine... the concern is drug interactions and certain herbs causing the blood to thin which could lead to bleeding potential.


so out of curiosity, has anyone who has gone through IUI/IVF done so while taking chinese herbs during the cycle?


any comments and experiences are welcome. thank you in advance! and good luck to all!

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I have taken my herbs from my acupuncturist during all of my IUI cycles.  I always tell my acupuncturist what drugs I am taking so that she can customize the herbs so they don't interfere with my other medications.  The only thing I stopped taking for any period of time was Vitex.  I heard it can interfere with Clomid so I stopped taking it during the first part of my cycle.  Lots of people use acupuncture to try to get pregnant so I would imagine many people also take Chinese herbs at the same time.  It sounds like you have a difference of opinion on your hands.  Are you taking medications before your IUI?

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It's true that Chinese herbs can have interactions with fertility medications. Acupuncturists are not experts on drug interactions. I would talk to your pharmacist about this. My husband is a pharmacist, and he has reference books with all the interactions of medications and herbs. Even if your pharmacist has never heard of the herbs, they can look it up in their reference books and tell you whether it's ok or not. I wouldn't recommend taking the herbs unless you can clear it with your doctor or pharmacist. Fertility medications are very powerful, you don't want to mess around with that stuff!

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thank you girls for your thoughts, I really appreciate the feedback.


to give you an update on the herbs issue.

I spoke to my RE today who informed me the issue w taking herbs during a medicated cycle revolves around the fact that herbs are not regulated and monitored by anyone. She cannot trust in that what one is getting is really what we're supposed to be getting. Another issue is because some herbs may have hormones in it, because during a cycle, the woman will already be receiving hormones, there is uncertainty how this may affect the cycle and ultimately, the patient!


bottom line though, the decision is mine and if I wanted to stay on the herbs bc I felt they were benefiting me, then she said she would allow it. her preference though is for me to not take them during a treatment cycle.


and I do agree with the girls above, all treatments/supplements/herbs should be approved by your doctor b4 starting them. I do firmly believe being on the same page w my doctors and others who r helping me on the journey, so thank you for sharing to help me make better decisions.


positive energy to you all.

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