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A 20 week milestone!!! A 20 week belly photo and stats!

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Hello ladies!


I am sure many of you are like myself have either reached your 20 weeks or are quickly approaching this huge milstone! CONGRATULATIONS on being half way there! Like many other moms, I am curious to see how others are doing so far on this amazing journey! Lets share our 20 week stats! I will start



Baby's sex: Girl

Name picked: Short list created Sienna, Abigail, Olivia-will pick a name after meeting her!

Weight gained so far: 10lbs

Cravings:Watermelon and peaches (have to have one or the other every single day)

Aversions: fish and red meat-cant stand it

Pregnancy work out plan: Spin class, treadmill, signed up for prenatal yoga and pilates-working out 5 times a week so far.

Birth plan: Natural, no pain meds, planning  to hire a doula to help with this.

20 week belly photo attached.


Cant wait to hear your 20 week update!!!!


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OK, fun! I was 20 weeks yesterday so I can play!

Baby#:4 (3rd pregnancy)

Baby's sex: BOY

Name picked: NO idea (and I mean NO idea)

Weight gained so far: 10lbs (while 10 pounds is fine it is still more than I gained by the half way mark in past pregnancies, WTH?)

Cravings: Strangely it's lamb and tomatoes, tomatoes and more tomatoes

Aversions: Sweets aren't doing it for me...I can easily skip them.

Pregnancy work out plan: HA! Um, walking up and down the stairs (mostly chasing my kids) in our 3-story townhouse

Birth plan: Home birth, unassisted


I don't have a 20 week picture but here is the 19w2d picture from the belly picture thread (added so you can compare that cute,tiny little first-timer belly tetiana winky.gif):





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tetiana & tropicana, your bellies are so cute!! love.gif   congrats to ya'll, and our other ddc mamas, on reaching the halfway point!!


my mid-point update:


Baby #: Second I've carried, fourth to join our family

Baby's sex: waiting to find out at birth

Name picked:  no idea.  we've never been able to decide on names before meeting our babies.

Weight gained so far:  also have no idea winky.gif  trying to stay off the scale and just stay healthy! i'd guess between 10-15lbs though.

Cravings: like tropicana, tomoates!! i have a tomato sandwich or (soy)BLT every night for dinner.

Aversions: not much since the morning sickness eased up a few weeks ago (thankfully!)

Pregnancy Work-Out Plan:  hahahahahaha.  work all day, chase kids in the evening, crash into bed.

Birth Plan:  hoping for a VBAC


Here's a pic from this morning, taken at 21w1d:



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I am 20 weeks this week! 

Baby #: 2nd baby, 5th pregnancy.

Baby's sex: waiting to find out at birth

Name picked:  nope. We like to meet the baby first, although we have a list of names we like and if it is a boy I think we have a pretty good idea of what he would like to be named already.

Weight gained so far:  I decided not to weigh myself this pregnancy. I find it not helpful at all. I am as healthy as I can be and that will have to do ;) I'm guessing 15lbs though since I am a larger woman {5'11 200+} 15lbs is really like 5lbs for a smaller/averge sized woman ; ) I can still fit into my shorts, in all areas but my belly {which is crazy because I swear my butt thinks it is pregnant, too! WTH?!!}

Cravings: I haven't really had many frequent cravings this pregnancy. Last it was caesar salad and sweets, this time I think I am too broke to let myself crave foods that I can't have :(

Aversions: well, everything in the first trimester, but nothing I can think of now thankfully ;)

Pregnancy Work-Out Plan:  I am an avid yogi, but we moved far from my studio when I was 10 weeks and I am not a huge solo/home practicer, so, really not much except chasing a 3 year old.

Birth Plan:  I don't like the whole idea of a birth 'plan'. I think that you can envision, but not plan this. So, i envision a lovely natural birth surrounded by the love of my husband and our DD. Whatever happens it will be amazing! life changing!! Can't wait to meet this person <3



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Ladies all you baby ballies look so beautiful!!! Absolutely, love reading everyone's updates!!!!

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We need to see more 20 week bellies! :)

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Baby: #3

Baby's sex: Boy!! 

Name picked: After debating with DH for a while, he finally has a name! Judah Emerson

Weight gained so far: I haven't myself too much this time- I do not even own a scale. I did weigh myself last week at a friends house though, just to see if what I was feeling was right and it was. I hadn't gained anything (Since week 7- the last time I had officially weighed myself!! I've got some fluff to start with, so everything is just changing. I'd say at the most I've gained about 5lbs

Cravings: White peaches and tomatoes. It's like we are all pregnant in the summer or something :) 

Aversions: Nothing much- I just can't eat a whole lot at once. 

Pregnancy work out plan: HA! I've been hooping when I can- though it's been weeks since it's been 100*+ over here. 

Birth plan: Envisioning on another homebirth - possibly in the water. But like mamaharrison said, you cannot really plan these events :)

Here we are at almost 22 weeks (after eating a supper of peaches and apple cider:)   



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Purposeful, I love the name! 

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I'm 20 weeks tomorrow. Close enough! Baby#:2 Baby's sex: Waiting for birth Name picked: Haven't picked yet Weight gained so far: 25 lbs! Cravings: Fruit Aversions: None really. Pregnancy work out plan: Umm. yeah. This might have prevented me from gaining so much. Birth plan: Planning a midwife assisted homebirth 20 week belly photo attached. 20weeks.JPG
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I had to post and run yesterday. Not sure what happened to all my spaces or why my pic didn't post. :(
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Baby #: 3

Baby's sex: F

Name picked:  I've had the name Genevieve picked since I was about 12yo (nickname of Nevie); hopefully it'll stick, but I've also considered the name Soleil since my EDD is around Solstice

Weight gained so far:  I've made up for some of my loss, and now am at a net of -5lbs

Cravings: It shouldn't count as a pregnancy craving since it's what I want to eat all summer, every summer, but I'm another tomato fan! I also may or may not be addicted to fountain Dr Pepper. redface.gif

Aversions: cooking! For some reason, I get all gaggy when I have to prep food, so I've been eating easy stuff.

Pregnancy Work-Out Plan: I was going to run regularly, even completed a 5K when I was 9w (on Mother's Day). But then my blood pressure tanked and the temp has stayed over 100, so have been a lazy bum. We have an elliptical machine, and I need to get on that now that my BP has mostly stabilized--it's still "barely alive" according to my mw, but I don't feel dizzy all the time anymore.

Birth Plan: planning another home waterbirth if all goes according to my master plan!



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Baby #: 1

Baby's sex: F

Name picked: Ingeborg "Inga" Riopelle. Ingeborg is one grandma's name (Norwegian) and Riopelle is my other grandma's maiden name (French).

Weight gained so far:  10 lbs.

Cravings: Raw veggies. Really cold with a dilly dip.

Aversions: The heat! It's 110 degrees here today. Blech.

Pregnancy Work-Out Plan: I was walking up to three miles per day w/light weight training. I've now been doing about four miles per week with a lot of stretching.

Birth Plan: Hospital.

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Woo hoo! 20 weeks today!


Baby #: First

Baby's sex: Girl

Name picked: Jude Apache

Weight gained so far:  I am not 100% sure because I didn't own a scale before getting pregnant, but I think I am right around 10 pounds

Cravings: Lately it has been Indian food

Aversions: Nothing that wasn't there before

Pregnancy Work-Out Plan: I am swimming 3 days a week and taking the dogs for extra long walks.

Birth Plan: Home birth.





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Baby's sex: Yes, I'm sure it has one ;)

Name picked: None yet - we will see when s/he is born, though I have girl names I love (again) and no boy name ideas at all!

Weight gained so far: I think it's about 10lbs - got on a scale yesterday out of curiosity, but not exactly sure where I started.

Cravings:All raw fruits & veggies, and cake

Aversions: meat in general - I eat some b/c I know I need the protein, but mostly the whole idea makes me ill

Pregnancy work out plan: What does this mean???? I am pretty active though, with 12 kids in the house ;)

Birth plan: At home, in our yurt, with a UC friendly MW who I may or may not call when the time comes, depending on DP's comfort level.


20-week belly (is it just me or is this a weirdly shaped belly????)


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I'm almost 23 weeks now.


Baby #: 1st, 2nd pregnancy

Baby's sex: surprise

Name picked: we picked a name for each sex, but we're keeping that a surprise too!

Weight gained so far: I haven't weighed myself. I'm sure it is perfect!

Cravings: They seem to vary from day to day. Eating a lot of melon, berries and cottage cheese (not always together, but sometimes!)

Aversions: Nothing really

Pregnancy Work-Out Plan: I wouldn't say it's a plan, but I ride my bike to work 3 days a week 11 miles RT.

Birth Plan: Home birth with midwives. Maybe in the water if I feel like it at the time.

Belly Button Status: [thought I'd add this category, as travelmumma mentioned it on another thread, and I've been thinking about it] was a deep innie and is getting shallower! I wonder if it will pop or just get flat :)


This photo is taken in my work bathroom mirror. The mirror size and lighting is much better than I have at my house, LOL!


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Oklamama and Eandko post your belly pictures!!! Every woman around me here is having boy, i was beginning to think their were going to be no girls born end of 2012. Glad to see that many of you here are having baby girls too! :) I like the idea of adding "Belly Button status"mine was deep innie, now the upper half is out, the lower is still in...looks really funny!

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I want to!!! I just can't seem to get it to work. greensad.gif

Belly button is still innie. It stayed in the entire pregnancy last time, but I think it would be cool to see it pop out.
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baby # 2

sex - female

name - seraphim (will call her sera), and still deciding on middle name

weight gained - 8 or 9lbs

cravings - salt! dill pickles, bologna, extra salt on all my food. also nectarines...i've been having at least one a day, sometimes more.

aversions - nothing really. once morning sickness wore off i want to eat every single food, pretty much all the time.

workout plan - to do as little as is physically possible lol. i was underweight to start with, and nursing, and just keeping up with my toddler and single parenting most of the week (due to hubby's crazy schedule) is exhausting. i sit on my exercise ball and stretch hips and pelvis at night, but otherwise my rule of thumb is if it is possible to do something sitting rather than standing, i do it sitting.

birth preference - hoping for a natural birth center birth, but depending on how it goes i may get stuck with a natural hospital birth...i have very few options being on military health care.

belly button - was a shallow innie and is now flat. it only got flat with dd, and not till 8 months, but this time it's already flat at 5 months so i think it might pop out this time.


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Hey mamas, I need to post andrun but will try to get a photo up later!


Baby #: 4

Baby's sex: Boy

Name picked: Gabriel Hawthorne

Weight gained so far: No clue

Cravings: Hmmm, tomatoes, homemade mozzarella, veggie curries, veggie sushi, raw cashew 'cheesecake', ANYTHING spicy! I'm a foodie, lol

Aversions: Nothing comes to mind

Pregnancy Work-Out Plan: <----joke? Lmbo, no, I don't do anything, I wrangle my babes, attempt to stay on top of housework and gardening, and then crochet or sew til I fall asleep :)

Birth Plan: Unassisted

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Was 20 weeks on Wednesday - probably slightly more than half-way for me since 39 weeks is the longest I have ever made it :-)


Baby #: 4

Baby's sex: don't know, won't know, happy whatever

Name picked: have some good ideas for a girl, no really good ideas for a boy yet

Weight gained so far: Maybe 15 lbs?

Cravings: anything somebody else cooked that isn't fried

Aversions: eating - I must and do eat all the time but I am so tired of it, it almost never feels good

Pregnancy Work-Out Plan: ha!  I'm working on being able to maintain normal levels of activity but not making it most of the time

Birth Plan: homebirth with midwife

Belly Button:  normally a deep inny, now a sort of shallow inny - I don't think I've ever gotten to all the way outie, but I get pretty flat!



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