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Hello world

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Hello everyone.  I've been lurking about this site for quite a while, but recently decided I needed to really participate.  I've three kids (ds1 is almost 7, dd is 4, ds2 is 2), and we move around a fair bit due to dh's career.  We homeschool, babywear and believe in positive discipline, and are trying our best to move towards greener, less commercial, and more active and balanced lifestyle.  I really like what I've seen at mothering.com, and I wish I'd found it years ago.  With moving, we've sometimes found it hard to find like-minded people in our communities, and we should have joined an online community before now.

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MDC really is a great place. You may want to check out the tribal areas, and maybe you can make IRL friends, too! orngbiggrin.giforngbiggrin.gif
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Welcome!  Be sure to check out the "Finding Your Tribe" section for like minded mamas close to you.

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