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Hi. I have a 5 week old son and I am struggling with anxiety and insomnia. I saw my general practitioner about a week ago and she put me on Fluoxetine, which takes about 2 weeks to build up in my system. I was feeling hopeful and staying positive and was even able to sleep the last couple of nights, but tonight I feel like I've taken two steps back. I can't sleep at all even though I'm exhausted. I am so discouraged right now.
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Hey, Mama 


I didn't want to read and not post at least a welcome message and some words of support. I know you'll get some support in this forum. Have you considered doing a search for your medication to see how other mother's have done with it? Do you want some help with that? Also, I think it may help to just read through some of the posts here - it may help you see how other's have come out of PPD. May you feel better and get some sleep soon. 

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I used to struggle with insomnia, and it led to discovering food allergies. I would recommend keeping a diary of what you eat and how you sleep. It may be unrelated, but you may want to explore the possibility.

Food allergy reactions can include an adrenaline response, which may keep you awake. I once had a problem where I was sleeping less and less. Eventually, after only 1 hour of sleep my eyes would open and I could not even lay quietly with them closed! When I checked my pulse it was as strong and fast as if I was walking up a steep hill and NOT lying in bed (which is what I was actually doing). If you have similar symptoms, you may be having an allergic response.

Also, what are the possible side effects of the medication? Maybe you are having an adverse reaction the medication.

Good luck!! I hope things get better soon!!!!
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No, I don't think it's allergies. I've never had a bad reaction to any foods. When I lie in bed, I try to blank my mind out, but sometimes I start getting anxious and I worry. I'll start breathing slowly and praying which can help me drift off but sometimes I feel myself drifting off and I end up yanking myself back awake. It's very frustrating.

I would also be interested in seeing how other moms may be doing on Fluoxetine. I had to call my doctor last night because I couldn't sleep again and I am having suicidal thoughts. He called in a prescription of Xanax and Ambien for me. I couldn't take the Ambien because it was 4 am and my husband was going to be leaving for work, so I didn't want to not be able to wake up for the baby. I'm going to take it tonight though.
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Restlessness is a side effect of fluoxetine. Discuss your symptoms with your doctor.
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Any update? I'm worried. I know how lack of sleep can effect so many other things.
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Hi.  Sorry, I don't check my emails every day, so I just saw your reply.  I'm touched that you are concerned for me.  I'm glad I have a forum I can tell my story and hear from other moms who have gone through similar things.


The last three days have been better.  I ended up taking my first Xanax Saturday night and I managed to sleep very well that night, although I was feeling somwhat down on Sunday due to the roller coaster of emotions I'd been experiencing.  I was also nervous about sleeping that night, so I ended up taking my first Ambien and I did very well on it.  My husband had agreed to feed the baby all night since we didnt know how the medication would affect me.  I ended up waking up when the baby did, so I was pleasantly surprised that the medicine didn't knock me out and make me zombielike.  Monday I was anxious yet again, but I was resistant to taking Xanax because I know it's addictive, but after talking to a loved one they convinced me that with all the hormones and mental stress there was no shame in taking it, and that it can help the chemical imbalance.  She was right because I started feeling better that evening and I was able to sleep. 


I'm hoping and praying that the anxiety medication and any sleep aids are just temporary and eventually when my hormones settle down, i can eventually wean off of them.  Part of me fears that I'm always going to have this anxiety and that freaks me out.  I know it's only been 6 weeks now since the birth of my son, so I'm taking things slow.  I have a followup appointment with the doctor this Saturday to talk about the meds he put me on.  I plan on asking him if maybe there is a depression/anxiety pill that I may take in one pill and if he doesnt' reccommend it, I'll just take my Fluoxetine and Xanax separately as I've been doing.    My next step may eventually be therapy if I feel I'm still struggling too much. 


Thank you for asking and I hope you are doing well. 



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Keep up the good work! My life just took an unexpected turn, but otherwise things are pretty good. Thanks for asking.

I hope things keep getting better for you! Glad to hear you got some sleep!
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