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11 month old sleep issues - HELP!

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I am going crazy, probably from lack of sleep coupled with intense frustration. My 11 month old dd won't stay asleep. She wakes every 30 min - 3 hours (3 hrs is rare!). I don't co-sleep now, but did when she was a newborn. I can't sleep well with her in the bed; I toss and turn a lot and don't want to wake her, plus I have trouble getting comfy. Anyhow, I nurse her to sleep at bedtime, while rocking. She usually goes right to sleep (around 8) but wakes again a couple hours later. My dh helps and can rock her to sleep, but often has trouble laying her down without her waking up again (and again). We take turns, but when it's my turn, she always wants to nurse, even if she just did. No matter when she goes to sleep, she always wakes between 5 - 7 (7 is RARE).

I read and research different ideas (Dr Sears, and no cry sleep solution) but we already incorporate many of their tips, to no avail. I am exhausted and desperate for sleep!!! EVERYONE I TALK TO is pressuring me to let her cry it out. I don't even want to discuss her issues with anyone anymore, because that's all I hear. I feel so helpless. Some days I can't stop crying - those days are usually when she also won't take her nap. Ugh. HELP!
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Could she be hungry?  Sleep patterns changed drastically when I started giving my baby some serious dinner (complete meal with veg, protein, grains, fat).  Your daughter is 11 months, she should be eating practically everything at this point.


If she's wanting to nurse even after she just finished a while ago, it could be hunger or comfort nursing.  Even after my baby was eating well, and I knew he could sleep through the night because he had done so before, he still would wake up every 3 hours, nurse for five minutes and fall back asleep (he sleeps in his own room).  It was always at the same times, so I realized it had to do with sleep cycles.  We didn't let him CIO, but instead of nursing him we would go into his room when he woke, and stroke his back or pat his bum until he calmed down enough to fall asleep.  We didn't pick him up or rock him because then when you put him down he wakes up.  I did it gradually, substituting the patting/stroking instead of nursing once a night (and I would still nurse the other times he woke), then twice in a night, until I wasn't nursing at night... And wouldn't you know it, he no longer wakes up to nurse and is sleeping through the night.  And the best part is that now I put him down to nap or to sleep at night, rub his back for a bit and walk out, and he falls asleep on his own.


Hope this helps... It's not easy or a quick fix, but it helps the baby learn to self-soothe and releases her from the dependence on nursing to fall back asleep.

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This sounds very much like our situation! She does eat table food, quite well. I'm almost certain that MOST of the time she wants to nurse for comfort. Sometimes my dh can rub her back to sleep, but if she sees me at all, she wants nothing else but to nurse. She usually gets really upset (like crying and screaming) if you don't pick her up. However, obviously this has to change. I'll give it a try; your situation seems so similar. Oh, I hope it works!

Thank you!!
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Consistency and patience are key, it took a while but it worked ... And if she screams, it might be helpful if your hubby did most of the work at first (sucks for him, right, but you need the break...).  HUGS!!

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Thanks again! I just hope my hubby will be on board. He's very helpful, but would just rather have me nurse her sometimes when he gets frustrated. He has also been pressuring me to let her cio. I hope he can stick it out!
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So, things are not going so well. We've been trying to implement some tips from no cry sleep solution, but I think it's making baby mad! She rebelled and we got very little sleep last night. I think hubby is closer to giving up and wants he'd to CIO. I feel like a failure greensad.gif
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((HUGS)) I know you must be very tired. I wish I had some suggestions for you, but it sounds like you have tried everything. Have you talked to your pediatrician? Maybe he/she has some suggestions that would be more appealing. Does she take a pacifier? Some say it can cause nipple confusion, but I have several friends including my mother who used a pacifier with no issue. May be worth it to try a few different kinds, and only allow DD to use it while sleeping...does not leave the crib.
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I wish she would take a paci! She used to use one for sleeping, but she gave it up months ago. I keep trying to reintroduce it to her, but she just chews on it. I think our main issue id a near-constant teething. She already has 8 teeth, and I'm quite sure she's working on some more! I wish she'd take a break from teeth and grow some hair instead!

Hubby and I are so beat. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I'm not expecting her to sleep through the night, but just to sleep better and not wake up so much. greensad.gif
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