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Name opinions?

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We aren't telling our families and friends the name of our LO until birth, so other than DH and 4 yo DS (who would gladly name the baby Jelly Toast or Watermelon or some other ridiculous thing) I have no one to bounce names off. We are Team Green so we need a boy and a girl name.


We are pretty set on the girl name. If the baby is a girl, she will be Marielle Eden, which is derived from Marie which is a family name on my mom's side and Eden after my husband's grandmother Edna who passed away earlier this year.


That brings us to boy names. If this baby is a boy, he will apparently be nameless because we are pretty undecided. We know the middle name will be Lee since it's a family name, but we are a bit stuck on first names. Here are our top picks so far:

Greyson (which could be strange given our last name is White)



Quinten (Our first place was on Quinby Road, so this name is derived from that)




I haven't really fallen in love with any names yet and the male relative names aren't giving much inspiration (Harold, Albert, Gerard). I tried some geographical inspiration based on places that have had significance to us (Gilbert, Quinby, York) but only one had name potential. I feel like I've looked at thousands of boy's names and still haven't settled. With DS1 we just KNEW his name, there wasn't really a lot of discussion, his name was just chosen. I'm not sure why it's so different this time around.


So, opinions? Ideas? Thanks! Hope everyone's pregnancies are strong and healthy and congrats to the mamas that already have their LOs!

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I would throw out Greyson. Beyond that, I like the others except maybe Quinten. And I don't know *why* that one doesn't appeal to me. If I had to choose, I think I like Jensen Lee the best with your last name.

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Calder is our baby's middle name. It apparently means "rough water", which is very fitting for him.
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I have a Grayson, and while I love the name still, it is becoming incredibly popular. I think Gavin Gerard would be very cute!
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I like Quentin and Quintin.  I do feel like they're very popular and up-and-coming, so I probably wouldn't personally use them, but of your list they are my favorites.



As for your family names..

Harold- is the name of my guinea pig.  I'm having trouble coming past Harold and the purple crayon also, lol.  

Albert- Alvin, Alton.. can't think of too many.

Gerard- Garrat, Gerald, Jeremy, Jericho.. or you could go for G names.  Grant or Gavin, something like that.


Out of everything, I like Quintin the best.



And your girl name is adorable :) 



You could also do a boy name for Edna/Eden. (and Eden is a unisex name). 
Ednan, Edison, Eidan, Edwin.


Or a name that means "paradise", as Eden does.

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Personally I liked Gavin, but Gavin Lee reminds me of Avonlea (sp?) as in Anne of Avonlea. Idk if that would bother you or not. I also like help007's idea of Gavin Gerard.

I like Quentin too, that name seems to be getting more popular along with Greyson. This is nice IMO, because even though they are unique names they aren't completely unheard of.


My first son's name(Jesse) had to grow on me, because it is such a common girl name I was worried about having a gender neutral name. People always spell it the way a girl spells it "Jessie" and it bugs the crap out of me


We aren't telling anyone our name either. It's nice not to hear negative feed back, which people always think they should give regardless of whether or not you ask for their opinion.

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PrincessJules, our DS1 is also Jesse! We too get so irritated at the Jessie spelling, especially when we specifically write Jesse or spell it Jesse. He goes to a lot of programs through a community center and every single time they misspell it Jessie even though on the paperwork we write Jesse. When he was younger it didn't bother him, but now that he associates his name with his identity a bit more, he gets very upset.


Thanks everyone for all the suggestions! Hopefully when LO arrives one of these names will just "fit" them.

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I had a boy in my class last year who spelled his name Jessie- well he was only 2.5 so his parents spelled it that way, not him.. I always thought that was the "girl" way too!
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our mayor is gavin so I just can't do it but if it weren't for that, I used to like it. I'm shocked by the popularity of Greyson! my husband mentioned it last time and I thought he made it up, lol. There was a college bball coach "Quin"..not sure if he was just a Quin or a Quinton but he got "mighty quinn" song, ofcourse...not such a bad thing. I'm playing with Theodore (teddy or theo), Asa and I still love Noah but my SIL is expecting and likes it too and I don't want to take it from her. I also like Colt (colton). We accidentally have a sorta western name theme in our house so I can't decide if colt is too corney.
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Dmpkmom, Teddy is a great name! I randomly know two Teddys and they're both such cool (and handsome!) guys :)


Gavin's also a goodie . . . there's a Gavin in my family and I'm crazy about him.  It's always struck me as an interesting but solid name.  I also like Ryan. 

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