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Anyone Else Dreaming of the Future?

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I am getting excited about the next big adventure of my life: retirement! I am beginning to make plans, even though I can't exactly set a date. My youngest 2 at home are 17 & 16 years old, and I imagine they will leave the nest someday. My mom is 93, and in great amazing health, but I know she won't live forever. Even the dog is aging! In maybe 5 or 10 years, I will be on my own for the first time in my life. I have exactly zero savings, and can't imagine no having work or some project going anyway.


I am starting a home business tutoring English as a Second Language. I am just finishing an intensive course for a certificate in this field, and hope to get some experience over the next few years. Then I plan to get a job, teaching English overseas. My first choice countries are Ukraine and Argentina (I may have living relatives in both of those countries - I would love to search - and am interested in my ethnic "roots" anyway). But I would be thrilled to spend a few years teaching in either Korea or the Middle East. Either of those areas pay well enough to save substantial amounts, and I would love to learn about either or both of those cultures. Mongolia also fascinates me - really the list is much longer. I find my feelings are much like my 17 year old DD - there are so many options open to me, and the decisions I make will impact the rest of my life. I will never have enough $ to retire in luxury, but maybe I can save some, keep earning some...


Anyway, it is really exciting to be planning a whole new adventure at this stage in life. I was wondering if others here are thinking about future plans?

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Future plans? Yes. Retirement? Um, not quite yet. Right now we are wondering if we should sign Anna up for soccer!!


I do have a small savings investment started for retirement I had begun when I was working. Right now, for me, it is part-time work in the condo unit we are in, staying home and homeschooling Anna. With her just being eight years old, no, I am not thinking about retirement. I do get concerned about the amount I have for later years. We are also looking for a home in this area.


Your plans sound exciting. Although I think mine may not be as worldy for I am a bit of a homebody. You are an inspiration and got me thinking... 

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I've been thinking about going back to school for a paralegal certification.  We have two in college now and are single income, so we need to have some numbers come together before adding a third tuition.  But it looks like I may be able to swing it starting a year from now.  That would give me a chance to pull things together around here!


I know DH is dreaming of retirement, and we've talked about a possible future with me as the breadwinner and him as the stay-at-home.  Yeah, our boys are adults, but our dog wants someone around!  :-)

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