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Dry at night

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I know mainstream convention is that young children aren't capable of using the potty, and I understand now how children are born not wanting to soil themselves. However what about nighttime dryness? I know that mainstream convention is that bedwetting until ages 6-7 is still not a cause for concern, but what do you think? Has anyone had a child that was EC'd that still had nighttime bedwetting issues? Or is that only a problem for kids that grew up denying their cues.

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DS was EC'ed and night time wetting has never been an issue. ...I can't recall changing bed sheets because of an accident ever (misses in the early years perhaps, but never since he's been in his own bed, which happened around 3 y.o.)


I don't know much about the issue, but my experience has been that kids rarely eliminate when they're sleeping. I'm sure there are various reasons for bedwetting though, one of which I know can be food allergies. I wouldn't consider it to be "normal" though. IMO, it would be a flag that there's other stuff (allergies, anxiety?) going on.

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DD was dry at night from about 7 months on.  She didn't pee in her sleep, even at that age.  But DS, who was also EC'd, still occasionally pees in his sleep at 6 1/2 (years, not months.)  He has always clearly had some physical issue that DD didn't have.  Whether it's "normal" or not, I don't know, but he seems healthy otherwise, and he's gradually been growing out of it.  He peed more often than DD as a baby and toddler and would often wet his pants soon after being taken to the bathroom.  He often peed in his sleep.  He still would often pee a little in his underpants as a 2-4 year old (not usually a big accident, just a wet spot) and at that age he would have wet the bed almost every night if I hadn't taken him to the bathroom to pee one last time after he'd been asleep for a hour or so.  By the time he was 5, daytime accidents had mostly stopped and by the time he was 5 1/2, nighttime accidents had mostly stopped. 

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My ECed kids have all been night dry by age 2, but my oldest son wet the bed when he or I ate wheat. All the boys in my extended family wet the bed until they were teens, so I wondered if they would have been dry at night had they avoided wheat also.  He outgrew that around age 6.


My second and third were dry before a year and the baby still wets.

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My 6mth old, ec'd from birth has been diaper free and dry at night most nights for a couple of mths now. My almost 7yr old was dry at 10mths, even tho i started ec at only 9mths.  My 4yo, ec'd frpm 2mths, was dry at night but less consistently that my current baby, and had more accidents even as he got older compared to my 7yo. Recently, he's started peeing at night sometimes!! Cant figure out why, does he want to be a baby again? Acting out because of a new baby? Or, is he falling into too deep a sleep?


Anyway, all different

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My DS (now 4) was consistently dry at night between 1.5 and 2 yrs.  (I remember because we visited relatives around then and were discussing how to handle the risk of accidents in other folks' beds).  He's had maybe 2 or 3 accidents at night since then?  Generally stress-related, as far as I can tell.


My DD is 10 months and pees 3+ times a night.

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