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Looking for recipes!

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My Dh and I are interested in pursuing more of a plant-based diet. My left side has been bothering me, and I'm noticing on the days we eat poorly it's worst and there have been a few times when I've doubled over in pain. Since moving towards a heavier plant based diet it has gotten better.


We'd likely keep eggs, free-range chicken, some dairy, and perhaps a little beef and bison if we ever find good quality free-range meat here. Though, I wouldn't mind trying the vegetarian diet. We do like meals with beans, rice, quinoa, and veggies, but as I plan our menu I'm running out of ideas! My family likes to eat a variety of meals and I feel like I'm repeating our menu from the last 2 weeks. Anybody have any recipes they'd like to share that are easy and kid-friendly?


Also, how are you able to maintain good protein levels when eating mostly veggies, fruit, and grains?

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hi! when i first switched to a vegetarian diet ~14 years ago, i subscribed to Vegetarian Times magazine for a while.  they have some great recipes and ideas, many of which are favorites still.  there are a ton of recipes available on their website, i'd recommend checking it out (www.vegetariantimes.com)


as for protein, i've never had any problems with this.  i eat beans, tofu, dairy products, and drink soy milk (though obviously not all of those every day).  i think there is a common misperception about how much protein is needed to be healthy.  there are a ton of studies and articles out there about how the average american diet consists of multiple times the recommended level of protein intake, leading to increased risks of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, etc.  i think you'll be fine if you eat a balanced diet of fruits and veggies and some plant-based protein sources.


good luck! broc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif

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Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is one of the best vegetarian cookbooks ever!  The recipes are excellent, gourmet tasting, but not overly involved or expensive (well, some are involved - but all are amazingly good.)  I have tons of vegetarian cookbooks, but that is the one that I always recommend because her recipes are just so good. 




Also, getting online at www.epicurious.com

They have tons of great vegetarian recipes and the reviews are helpful to know which ones turn out well.  That's my go to recipe site for sure.  Most of the recipes come from Bon Appetit and Gourmet magazine - which are almost always excellent.



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Originally Posted by kel View Post

Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone is one of the best vegetarian cookbooks ever! 


agreed! thumb.gif


the Moosewood Restaurant cookbooks are also awesome: http://www.moosewoodcooks.com/cookbook-store/

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Cynthia Lair is a professor at my school, Bastyr Universtiy and is a pioneer of whole foods cooking and recipes.  She has a great book, Cooking for the Whole Family, and here is her website:  http://www.cookusinterruptus.com/ 

Good luck and have fun!

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