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Anybody else with an April DD yet?

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Just found out I'm expecting baby #4 around the 1st of April. Since there's no DDC up yet, I thought I'd post here to see if there was anyone else lurking around waiting! Can't wait to meet you!

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Not April, but I am early March. You might join the March 2013 DDC since you're so close to the beginning of the month (until more April due dates show up). I know there are a few on there that I straddling the Feb/Mar DDC, and you could meet some other mamas who are due around the same time you are. Congrats!

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I am due April 1st! I guess it can go either way with that due date...late March/early April. It will be my second and DS is currently 19 months. I'm excited/terrified and of course nervous since it's so early on.

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MayDayMom - Thanks! I've been lurking over there too orngbiggrin.gif


Lhcj - Nice to meet you! This is baby #4 for me and I have a history of going post dates, so I'll most certainly have an April baby. I'm not 100% sure what day I ovulated because my cycles have been really wonky for the last couple of years. In the last year I've had cycles as short as 25 days and as long as 37! I know when we BD'd though and that would put us due on either 3/31 or 4/2. Since DD1 was born at 41 weeks and DD3 was born at 41.5, I'm pretty sure we're going to have an April baby. I'd be completely shocked if this little bean came early!

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Yep, #2 should arrive sometime in April.  Don't have an official due date yet though.

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BFP just three hours ago!! Baby number ONE for us. Due April 9. Looking to join the DD club when there are enough people. Nice to meet you all. 

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Yay! Congratulations everyone!

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Me. April 4th with baby #5 (pregnancy #9). I will probably just lurk for a while because I've had two second trimester losses and I hate that whole awkward leaving the group thing. :) But I'll be reading posts and responding as we get started with our group. 

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My official due date is april 1rst, but my babies come early. I was hoping to join the april ddc, but it wasn't up yet. I've know for about a week now because of implantation bleeding and that pregnant feeling, though the pee stick didn't how until 2 days ago and then just barely! This will be baby #3  for me!

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Jekyph - please do request a group! I requested one a few days ago and haven't heard back yet. I think they need at least 2 or more people to volunteer before they'll open it up.

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I'm due April 7th with my 4th and looking for our forum. Have you found it yet?

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Yes! It just got opened up yesterday :) If you click on the link in the post above yours, it should take you there. If it doesn't, you can find our DDC by clicking on the "Groups" tab in the blue banner at the top of the page. We're the top group listed since we're the newest!

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April 30th here. :) Just found out yesterday morning. :D

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im due april 17!

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heyyyyy due april 11th!   haven't done this in almost 8 years....

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Hi ladies!  Fourth on the way here too! :)  Not positive on EDD yet but guessing late April.

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