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New Mexico blogs?

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Anyone have a blog similar style to SouleMama living in NM?  I love to read blogs and I'm trying to get a better feel for what it might be like to move there. I'm interested in urban homesteading and building community.  Thanks

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I don't know about any other NM blogs, but I live in Santa Fe and just heard on the radio yesterday about a group called Home Grown New Mexico. They are having a home tour this weekend and several people have chickens in the city limits. And, they have regular potlucks. I want to check them out as I'm also interested in urban homesteading and building community. I live about 15 minutes out of town and have a lot of fruit trees and wild animals.


My friend lives in Albuquerque and has chickens and bees in the city. 


Where do you live now?

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Thank you so much Peggy.  I live in Virginia and am planning on moving To Albuquerque. There are so many great urban homesteading classes going on there right now, so exciting.   

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Don't know about blogs, but I'm was involved in a Weston Price chapter in Albuquerque. That group would be a good way to connect with other urban homesteaders. Also, Amylee at Inspired Birth and Families is a fantastic mama to go to for resources.
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Pam England lives in ABQ and blogs on birth stuff at Birth Peeps. There is also a facebook group, Albuquerque Attachment Moms you can ask to join.

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You'll like Buerque, as we like to call it. Lots of what you like going on there. There's an Edible Communities publication that serves ABQ, Santa Fe, and Taos and they often have info on sustainable living stuff and events. 


Just over looking at Amanda Soule's blog again. Really, who could ever compare to her???

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Thank you! Great suggestions smile.gif

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