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Faint line?

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Hello! Please help. I took a blue dye hpt this morning and got a very faint line. It appeared within two minutes but is so faint, I wasn't sure if I was trying hard to see something that wasn't there. I don't think it could be an evaporation line if it is as wide as the control line and appears within two minutes... right?


Two hours later I took a second test and it looks the same. My AF is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. 


What do you think? Am I crazy?? 700

Anyone else get results like these?

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I see something.  It looks like you're pregnant to me.  It's probably so light because it's early.  How many DPO are you?  Congratulations!

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OD+13 (my cycle is about 30 days long) 

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I see a line! Congratulations!

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Faint? Man if you can get a phonto on a forum and we can see it that good I say its a positive. Congrats! Especially if your cycles are a little longer.

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I see a line too! Congrats!!

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Well, I went out and bought two more different brands of HPTs. Including a digital. All sources say I'm pregnant! I still can't believe it, LOVE those digital ones. They take out all the guessing! Thanks everyone!



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YAY congrats!!

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Congrats!!! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!

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