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Flu-like symptoms without fever in third trimester?

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*Don't worry, I'm not coming on here expecting Dr. Internet to fix my troubles or anything, but I don't want to bug my midwives after hours unless it's an emergency, which I don't think this is. I will be calling tomorrow when I wake up.*


So I woke up today at 2:40 in the afternoon which isn't extraordinarily late (DH works 7 pm - 6 am M-F, so on weekdays, I'm often up until 3-4, or later if I get all needy and want to cuddle when he gets home before I go to bed), but it is late for me, since we're usually up no later than 12:30 or 1. The weird part is, I remember waking up several times in the night, uncomfortable, but what woke me up this time wasn't the fact that I'd slept over nine hours, but that I had this horrible cramping in my uterus and back. It was accompanied by uncomfortable contractions, yes, but I've been having them off and on since I hit 36 weeks so this wasn't too unusual - it was more of an achy feeling than what I associate with labor. When I tried to curl up on my side, I felt muscle pain all across my midsection. It hurt when DH kept trying to put his damn hand on my stomach (which is how he sleeps, one arm wrapped around my tummy like I'm a teddy bear).


I did go out today briefly to drop off some library books and pick up some being held for me, but I've been hobbling along, exhausted and achy and feeling so weak when I stand. I also had to force myself to eat about an hour ago -  I hadn't felt hungry all morning. Basically, it feels like it does when I get a cold or flu: head hurting, back aching, headache,  muscle pain all over, weakness, sleepiness...I feel kind of cold and just want to stay snuggled up in bed. I had DH check my forehead and he says I feel fine and I don't feel warm to my own hand, either.


I'm 38 weeks tomorrow - anybody else feel like this in late third trimester? I don't -remember- this from any of the pregnancy books, but I know we're all different.

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I think you should call your midwife before tomorrow. It seems like you are pretty uncomfortable and it would be better to be checked out to make sure you are not in labor.


Beyond that, take a warm bath, drink as much water as you can (sometimes I add ice or a little bit of juice to help it go down better) and put your feet up-literally-or lay on your left side and rest for as long as you can. Your symptoms could also be caused by dehydration so water or an electrolyte drink could help you feel better.   

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