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So Happy!

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I have never been so happy to find something wrong with DS.  Turns out he has a posterior tongue tie!  It totally explains why things started to get better after I went off dairy then started to get worse and worse.  I never noticed the tongue tie because I had such a healthy supply to start with he didn't have to work.  I also never really had anything beyond minor discomfort when I started breastfeeding - turns out I have incredibly stretchy nipples and a really high pain tolerance!


I have a consult tomorrow to get it clipped and hopefully can have the procedure done soon so I can start working on building back up my supply.  The lactation consultant made me feel really good about the situation - I've been putting in 150% doing breast compressions, pumping constantly, taking all kinds of herbs but he has only been able to do 50%. 

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Aww yay fo finding a solution! You hav been working really hard, how validating!
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Yay!  DH clips tongue ties, and he says the difference in nursing, right there in his office, is often visible before and after the clip.  So glad for you!

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Consult today with the clip scheduled for Tuesday.  At the rate we were going I don't think I would have been able to breastfeed much longer.  As it is I can only get 2-3 letdowns per day.  The rest of the time, I just do compressions to try and get him something.  I am trying to get on the pump for 5 minutes every 30 minutes to hour.  Even though I don't get anything I have to think the stimulation is helping.  I switched to preemie bottle nipples as he was definitely starting to prefer the bottle and the SNS should arrive in the mail tomorrow.  I'm now supplementing about 12 oz per day.  I hope I can keep it there until the clip.

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Nicmom, there is a FB group called tongue tie babies support that you might want to check out!
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He also has a very high palate which is probably why the posterior TT is causing such a problem.  I assume if it was one or the other, it wouldn't be an issue as much but with both he can't get his tongue to the roof of his mouth.  Poor baby!

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Hope the clip takes care of it!
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