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Uncomfortable at night

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Man, I don't know if this is my own private form of prodromal labor, but I've noticed for the past few days that I'm pretty much okay throughout the day, but in the evenings and into the night I'm intensely uncomfortable, with crampy/gassy feelings. I would think that the crampiness and gas-pains feelings were contractions, but they're not coming in distinct waves that I can differentiate.


I've been spending lots of time on the yoga ball at work now, so maybe I'm just sore by the end of the day, and this is my body's way of responding? I dunno.

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Sounds like things are gearing up.  Crampiness is normal- especially at night when you are relaxed & sleeping.  

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Hoping things are getting started for you!

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My body must have been laying some groundwork, because I had my bloody show last night and have had contractions ever since! Early labor, ahoy!
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Woo Hoo!  And what a beautiful day here in Iowa to labor and hopefully have a baby!  Please keep us updated, Karrey!

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Super!! Best of luck and hope to hear good news of your baby soon!

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woohoo!  how exciting.

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Yay I can't wait to hear son good new baby news soon!

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From yesterday: My contractions seemed pretty irregular through the night (the ones I was awake for, anyway), and then after I got up for the day, they seemed pretty steady at around every 6-8 minutes. Then I filled up on Indian buffet and came home and took a nap, and they've since stalled out. Oops! That's okay, though. I know baby is hanging out getting ready, and my body is probably doing plenty of behind-the-scenes stuff to prep, so I'm just laying chilly, relaxing, straightening up the house, and am about to go relax on the back patio because our weather is suddenly gorgeous and not-hot today.

From just now: Contractions woke me up at 3:55am, spaced about 8-9 minutes apart. I stayed in bed for an hour after that, but sidelying was just not working for me, so now I'm on my ball in the living room. I'm letting my partner sleep now, since today might end up being a long day. I'm now having to vocalize through the contractions (the urge is so strong!), and I'm feeling a lot of it in my back and cervix. Poop. Might need to work on some Spinning Babies stuff in case the baby has turned posterior. Also, for those of you wondering, they were not joking about being able to act/be totally normal between contractions. When a contraction comes, I go somewhere else, but when I'm not having a contraction, there's no pain and I feel pretty normal. This is making me feel pretty powerful right now, like "I CAN DO ANYTHING FOR A MINUTE AT A TIME!" Of course, that might be a totally different story in a few hours. We'll see.
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Thanks so much for the update.  Certainly seems like today could be it!

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woohoo!  good luck to you today! keep us posted.

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yay!  I will be thinking of you, I hope you are holding your baby tonight!

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Best of luck!!

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Good luck and you totally can get through any pain. Easy labor vibes coming your way goodvibes.gif

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whistling.gif  just checking in for an update.....shy.gif

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Originally Posted by tolovemercy View Post

whistling.gif  just checking in for an update.....shy.gif

Ditto!  I'm waiting for some baby news! :)

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Sorry, everybody! Newborns are tough!

Clare Rebecca was born on Sunday at 4:42pm, after about 12 hours of active labor and about 40 hours after I got my bloody show. I'll write a legit birth post soon!
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joy.gif congrats, karrey!

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This is great news! CONGRATULATIONS!!

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Congartulations and welcome to the world baby Clare!

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