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Hoping for a hbac!

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Hi mamas! I haven't been on MDC in a long time, but since i'm (hopefully) less than a month away from my HBAC I thought i'd come back. 

My kids are all conceived with massive medical intervention (multiple losses and IVF, but that's another story) and my first baby was delivered with massive medical intervention (after 4 days of labor and 13 hours of pushing at home). I'm hoping this will be different. I've taken a very different route this time. 


Different midwife (tho my last one was amazing, i needed a different connection, and this time her former assistant is on her own, and was the right person for me)

Different doula

more therapy, acupuncture, mayan abdominal massage, more yoga and exercise, hypnosis, and more more more therapy. 


And now we wait. 37 weeks tomorrow. Thanks for listening :)

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Oh! Baby talk!


37 weeks! How exciting.


My babies came via:

-- c/s (13yo this week)

-- hospital VBAC (9yo)
-- HBAC (5 1/2yo)


Just want to send you love and encouragement as you look forward to your HBAC. Making the decision to trust my body and to find the right (for me) midwife was the best thing I ever did. 


My HBAC was absolutely amazing and really did undo so much of the damage and trauma of the 2 previous births. 



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I am looking forward to my first HBAC too.  My little someone is very active, which I am praying bodes well for a quick and easy birth, and easy BF afterwards (man that was a PAIN with all the drugs, I don't know how most people with a CS even can try it!).  The thing I look forward to most about my HBAC is that, if I want something, I won't feel like I have to ask if I "can" have it.  Its my house!  I can do anything I want, and if I feel the need to  do something I can just do it (obviously, communicating would be good and handy too :)).  Also, no car ride... I never thought about an epi until I got in that car!  


:) I am so happy you are looking forward to your birth too.  Its kind of exciting.  

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Good luck!  Come back and update us!!!  :)  :) 

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Good luck. Hope all goes well AND that you find all the support you need here.


My HBAC was a wonderful, intense and very healing experience, even though I still find myself asking the "what if" about my c/s birth.


I'll be looking forward to cheering you on through the last month and hearing about your baby's birth when it happens.

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Thanks mamas! I had therapy last night and at the end of it my therapist suggested we take a week off because... well quite frankly, I got this sh*t handled. I feel confident and safe and strong and know that if I transfer it won't end the way it did before (i had a panic attack during the surgery and had to be knocked out, so I dont' remember meeting my daughter for the first time). 


I feel GOOD. (other than being almost 38 weeks pregnant, 40 and exhausted.)

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awesome!  That is such great news!  

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