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weight loss

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I know this has probably been discussed many times but here it  goes. I am the proud mother of 3 kids and the youngest one is just 2 months old. I breastfed the older ones and now BF the baby on demand as well.  With my older kids I quickly returned to pre-pregnancy weight and then lost some more. I gained much more this pregnancy than with the previous two and now I`m not losing much of the extra weight either. I`m not impatient but after the initial few pounds I stopped losing altogether. I haven`t lost any in a month. I`m not overweight just not my comfortable size KWIM?


Have any of you ended up losing the extra weight after a certain time? I eat like a horse and exercise with three small kids is not easy. Do you have any healthy tips to get back into shape?  Or am I just too impatient? After all it`s barely been two months since I gave birth.


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I can say that after my third it was much harder to get back into shape. Still trying and she is 7!! I was also older so that was an additional challenge (I had her at 41).


For me a baby jogger/stroller was the answer, though that still requires another adult to be home. I have also used exercise videos. I do run, not far, but just getting a 20 minute run in, in the morning, seems to boost my metabolism all day.

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I guess that is true. I`ve also heard other moms say that losing weight after the third was really hard. I`m not much of a runner but I do like to walk so I`ll do that. You are right though, getting some exercise with three kids requires someone at home. Even when I do get out with my kiddos they stop everywhere so I don`t feel like I`m making any progress..

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Some gyms offer child care for a small fee (of course this is on top of the gym fee). I am not sure if this is an option for you? I also work full time so I could never make that work but if you have more time to work with, it might be a good idea.

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I don`t live in the States and not sure what`s available here..:(

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Do you wear your baby?  I never realized just how much it helped until my youngest stopped being worn & I gained 15+ lbs. :-(


I wanted to take walks.  My three children had other plans.  I've walked up & down my driveway while they are playing in the yard.  I've even been known to use my now-vacant baby carriers to carry many pounds (up to 6) of grains (easy because it comes in pound or increments of pounds).


Best wishes,


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