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Night nursing schedule affecting supply?

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My DS is 4 weeks old. We REALLY struggled with establishing breastfeeding and he only really "got it" a few days ago. Prior to that I was pumping 9 times a day with a symphony rented pump and bottle feeding. The past 24 hours was our first with no bottle! He is latching great and I am not having supply issues currently. He is a very good sleeper and will often go 3-4 hours at night two or three times in a row.

Before he was nursing my lactation consultant told me that I shouldn't let my breasts go more than 4 hours without stimulation, so I would pump at every feeding. Because he is now exclusively nursing I want to cut out the pumping. Especially at night. My question is, if he does two 4 hour stretches and only wants to nurse on one side in between, then my other breast will have gone 8 hours without stimulation. Is this going to affect my supply? Should I be pumping that non-nursed on side in the middle of the night?
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Bumping for input. :)

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I think your supply will adjust to fit your baby's needs. So yes, if you go 4 hours between nursing sessions at night, because that's how often he eats then your supply will lessen slightly at night. But, he'll be eating more during the day, when he wakes up, and probably tanking up before bed, so your supply will increase at those times. Your body is designed to make what your baby needs, as long as you nurse often and on demand. When DD was 12 weeks old, I went back to work and she hated the bottle. She'd eat a little during daytime but would nurse all night. My supply adjusted and now I produce more at night smile.gif
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