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good days, bad days

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do any of you have a day that comes and you don't feel pregnant, but the day before you were nauseous and tired?  Yesterday afternoon I stopped feeling very preggo, and didn't dream last night.  I don't know if my body is just normalizing to the hormones or if something is wrong.  I slept 13 hours the night before, and was super nauseous.  Just a scary contrast between the two days and wondered if any of you have experienced the same this time or with other pregnancies.  

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Yes, I have this happen to. It also happens within a same day, I'll feel perfectly normal for half a day and then suddenly a wave of pregnancy rolls over me and I feel surprised that I am pregnant, like I had momentarily forgotten. Some weird body pregnancy amnesia thing going on. It's happened with all 3 of my pregnancies. And the dreams! I'd forgotten about pregnancy dreaming!

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Yes... I have days where I'm gagging almost continuously and feel completely sick, and days where that happens only once or twice.


My constants are being tired (which varies in intensity) and needing to pee (also varies) and slightly sore boobs... some days those things are pretty mild, but if I am really active the fatigue hits me pretty quickly.


I do feel a bit like things go in waves... but as long as I don't see blood or feel cramping, I'm trying not to stress because I know that's not good either! I think how I feel is consistent with my 1st 2 pregnancies, but I wasn't worried about anything in those pregnancies...


Oh I have the dreams too... last night I dreamt that we got back my husband's old Ford Escort (probably in the dump now, we sold it!) and I had to start driving that again but I was so happy because it was really fuel-efficient... lol...

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so glad I am not alone.  Most of yesterday felt too good to be true, only to wake up with WICKED sore boobs and a touch of nausea.  I joy.gif nausea!

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Yep. Same here. Some days I feel so pregnant, really flowing with the vibe of it. Other days I'm sure I'm imagining the whole thing, and get terrified.

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I get this too. Last week I had a day where I was only slightly nauseous on and off all day, compared to feeling disgusting all the time. I was really worried, because last pregnancy that happened for several days around 9-10 weeks and that's when DD's twin stopped growing. But this time the next day I felt gross again. I think it's normal to have fluctuations, but as much as being constantly nauseous is miserable, it is really reassuring.
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