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Camping food- GF and vegan

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So I thought folks might be interested in our menu plan for a 4 night camping trip. We're camping with a GF vegetarian family, and 2 omni ones.


We're going to try to keep the campsite completely gluten free. I'm marking the places where omnivores will likely want to BTO meat or dairy with an asterix.


The one thing I'm sort of undecided on is the 'bacon' on the last day. I don't think there is a commercial variety that is GF, so I am planning on making my own, I'm not sure if I should prep ahead and marinate in the cooler for almost a week, cook fresh, cook ahead and just reheat, or prep the marinade and slice the tofu and start it the night before. Any thoughts?

Monday dinner:
Hot dogs*, baked beans, vegetable crudite, cashew ranch dip, smores (Tofu pups are GF and vegan, I'm not sure what the safe graham cracker brand is, we're getting one package of dandies for the vegetarians, and regular marshamallows for the rest)

Tuesday breakfast:
Oatmeal with topping bar: raisins, cranberries, fresh fruit, nuts, chocolate chips, maple syrup, brown sugar, soy/cow milk*

Tuesday lunch:
Veggies and dips, nachos w/ beans and cheese sauce* (Nacheez brand is GF and vegan)

Tuesday dinner:
Spaghetti Marinara and green beans w/ toasted almonds, baguettes, hand cranked coconut milk ice cream

Wednesday breakfast:
Cheesy sausage biscuits*, orange juice

Wednesday lunch:
Salad bar*

Wednesday Dinner:
Taco bar: beans, rice, taco meat* (I was planning to make a lentil nut version for the vegetarians), salsa, avocado, Mexican lime coleslaw, cheese, crunchy and soft corn shells, solar oven cookies!

Thursday breakfast:
Skillet hash with soyrizo crumbles (eggs?*)

Thursday lunch:
solar oven BYO mini english muffin pizzas*

Thursday dinner:
Amy's chili cooked with brown minute rice, veggies and dip, banana boats (*?)

Friday breakfast:
Buckwheat pancakes with bacon* and maple syrup

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Wow, you are one organized camper!! Everything sounds delicious!  

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This sounds really yummy!  What kind of solar oven did you use?  This week I made some energy balls in my food processor I thought would be a good camping snack. Cashews/dates/hemp seeds/cocoa powder, all processed and packed into little truffle sized balls.

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I just have a very cut rate model that uses a plastic oven bag and a cardboard reflector. We wound up doing the cookies in foil in the fire, but the pizzas were great.
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