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Miscarriage and DTD again????

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One of my friends just recently had a m/c and her OBGYN told her not to dtd until after her levels got to 0.  I was trying to rack my brains and remember if this was the same case for me after we had our m/c after our first IVF, but I'm drawing a blank right now.  I was thinking that we were told to prevent (aka: use protection) until I had like 2-3 AF's and then we were able to try again, but I don't remember my OB telling me not to dtd at all.  What about you?  Was this the same for you all?????  TIA!!

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Generally, it's best to avoid until the bleeding has finished, and the cervix has closed.  This is just to prevent or reduce the risk of infection.


In my experience, doctors tend to recommend using contraception for 3 cycles after a loss, but it really is a personal choice, especially if it was a natural miscarriage.  After a D&C, it might be advisable to wait, just in case the lining has been taken too thin during the procedure.


The emotional side of it is important too, and falling pregnant straight after a loss is quite stressful (it happened to me).  

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I was told to wait 6 weeks after I delivered my boys to DTD and 2 cycles until trying again.

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Thanks ladies!!  I should have noted that it was an early m/c at somewhere between 10-12 weeks, or somewhere around there I think. 

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I had a 9 week loss that resulted in a D&C at 14 weeks.  We were told we could try again whenever we were comfortable. 

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After my last 12 week M/C that required a D&C, the OB said we could DTD as soon as I stopped bleeding and we may get pregnant again anytime.

That was just my experience.  Ask your provider!!!

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