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Eye discomfort

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About a month ago, I lost my polarized sunglasses that right now I cannot afford to replace.  I have worn good sunglasses for years, my eyes are really light blue and have always been sensitive. 


For the first couple weeks I had worn a cheap pair found at my Husband's work lost and found box.  The past 2 weeks have worn nothing since the cheap ones do not provide much relief.  My eyes seem super strained and at times I find it hard to see clearly. 


Have I damaged my eyes?  I do not have medical but now am starting to wonder if I need to afford a trip to an eye Dr. or afford good glasses again.  I have been applying homeopathic drops that provide some relief. 


Any thoughts?


Thank you!

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No idea if you have damaged your eyes but I'd try wearing a big brimmed hat when out in the sun along with the cheap sunglasses rather than relying on the glasses alone. You could also try Ebay for buying a pair you can afford.

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Thank you for your idea.  I have actually been thinking about a large hat.  Good thoughts. 

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