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I can't sit down!

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Every time I sit down, my 18-month-old DS wants to nurse!  I feel like I have to stand all day!  I've tried sitting in different places, telling him we can nurse in a little while....he gets so upset!  He's just reminded of "nursies" when I sit down, I guess.  Anyone have a trick?  I just want to sit down and relax sometimes!  He's learned to climb into my lap too so he doesn't even need me to pick him up anymore.  I'm going a little batty.

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My son is 3 and I am still in the same boat when we are at home.  lurk.gif


Hang in there Mama!

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My son will be 2 next month and we have the same problem here - although i must say, its usually more problematic in the AM  - he is up at 5AM most days and ALL i want to do is slouch in my recliner -  he comes over like 10 times and hour and asks for "ah-boo! ah - boo!"    - ugh...its hard coming up with things to do at 6 and 7 AM every morning!  

Can you lay down on the floor without being 'jumped'?  

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I think laying down anywhere (I haven't tried the floor but I've tried the bed and couch) will just encourage an episode of nursing gymnastics.  He likes to use me as the vault but tries to stay latched as he goes over.  Ouch!  Then I really go batty!

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No advice, just commiseration. My son is 2 and exactly the same---I find myself typing e-mails standing up because I know the second I sit down, he'll be on my lap and pulling my shirt down. :/  

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Oh, I can *so* relate. I have really had to be proactive. I make sure he is entertained with something else and has snacks available for grazing and has a drink (water) ready for him before I sit down. If I really don't want him to nurse right then, I firmly (but gently) take his hands, look in his face, and say "I'm sorry, but mommy is not ready for nursing time. You will have to wait. Would you like a snack or (insert activity here)".

We have had a few melt downs, sure...but two weeks after starting this, we only have like one meltdown a day, not too bad for a 19 month old. The first few days were rough, but it had to be done. After all - nursing is a *relationship*, not a one-way street, especially after the one year point (when most of us have opinionated gymnasts on our hands)

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MamaBice - thank you for that suggestion.  I'll give that a try!

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