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Tucson Birth Center?

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I am pregnant with #3 (26 weeks tomorrow) and am trying to decide where to have this baby. I had #1 in Pennsylvania with an Amish midwife, very close to a homebirth setting, only difference was her home vs. mine. :) #2 was an unassisted home birth. For this one we decided to try out the birth center. I have been twice so far, but am not sure if we want to stay with them or not. I have to say I am not used to all the medical whatnot about even the birth center---all the testing and such. Has anyone used them? Good experience or bad? TIA!

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You should join the Arizona Moms and Doulas FB group and ask the Tuscon doulas about their experiences at the birth center.  You can also ask about midwives that do homebirths in the Tucson area.  Join here:  http://www.facebook.com/groups/335929826481918/

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I personally have never had a baby there.  I have been the doula for mothers there several times and was always extremely impressed!  I also have numerous friends who have had babies there and have never heard a bad thing.  I quite honestly can't tell you a ton, but if I were able to deliver there I would (I am a VBAC mama).

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Thank you for the replies. :) We are still trying to decide if we are going to go there or have another homebirth. I'm just not used to all the routine tests and such, but I will be refusing some anyway, I know they are just routine but I don't feel all are necessary. So we'll see what happens. :)

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I birthed my son there and loved it.  The backing docs have changed since then unfortunately, and I think it is a little more medical than it used to be.  I would look into it as an option at least...I love the midwives there.  My second child was born at home, and while it was a great experience, I think if there is a next time I will go back to the center personally.

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Wish I joined earlier so I could reply.   If it is the El Rio birthing center I had my daughter there two years ago. I am also due any day now and we are having our son with them too. They are wonderful and made the birth my moment. We had specific things that we did not want done to our daughter when she was born, they did everything we asked. 4 hours later we were going home with our bundle of joy! 


We had our first child at TMC and that was horrible! I would never willingly go their unless it is an emergency. Birthing center is always number one for me. So I personally give them a thumbs up.

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