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Where are the baby pictures?!?!

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Now that babies are being born, I want to see photos!



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Awww, ithappened, they are so adorable!!!  joy.gif

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Look at those cheeks!  So precious!

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ithappened-- they are sooooo cute!!!!

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Yay!  They look so adorable & healthy!

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Ohhhh my goodness, ithappened - how precious!!!!!!!

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Oh my goodness, they are adorable!  I love the one smooshing his (?) cheek into the other.  Love love love.  I hope you're getting some rest and getting taken care of.  Probably not, but I really hope so.....

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Soooo precious!!!!! joy.gif

I lurrrrvvveee their matching onsies. So sweet ithappened!!! Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for sharing, ithappened! They are adorable!

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Julian and Amelia! I LOVE their names and they are TOO cute for words. Already besties. Look you guys, REAL babies, I wonder if I will ever have one of those!? :)

Thanks so much for sharing, ithappened!

Still amazing that they are so big and healthy and you carried 17 lbs of baby! 

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Eulalie, 1 day old

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Look at those cheeks!  And I LOVE the name Eulalie - I used to watch The Music Man on repeat as a kid.

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justchanti, adorable!  (And we have the same swaddle.)  Beautiful name and beautiful baby!!!!  I love the cheeks too...  So sweet.

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Eulalie is SO gorgeous, I love her cheeks and her name! :)


My coworker just had a baby today, and he is not nearly as cute as these DDC babies, do you think I'm biased?

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Awww, so sweet JustChianti!!  I'm also loving the name!!

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Oh, look at those squishy kissable cheeks! So cute! Ok, now I am just getting jealous!

Eulalie is a super great name!
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*dies of the cuteness*

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Yay, cute babies!  Eulalie, Julian and Amelia are so adorable.  I'm so excited we've got some babies!

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