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Where are the baby pictures?!?! - Page 6

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Yes, Veritas, your birth photos are incredibly moving. How wonderful to have that and be able to watch it again and again. It made me emotional, and brought me back to my own labor and delivery.

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Jenna, your LO is so lovely and delicious-looking!  Congrats to everyone.  


A couple more photos of our Ever. 



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Ahhh!  Deserts, so beautiful!  And we have that exact same giraffe onesie!  It's weird seeing it on a different baby.  orngbiggrin.gif

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I LOVE Ever's hair! So cute!

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Maeve - 8lbs 7oz, 22" long




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1stTimeMama - Maeve!  What a lovely name for a beautiful girl.  


Thanks guys!  We've got a family friend who's Hispanic and wondered how it was possible that Ever doesn't have any Latin descent, LOL.  But she looks just like I did when I was born!  

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What a beauty Maeve is! I love her sweet face in that second picture.

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Baby Bird (fka Pirate Baby)

6 days old

Born 8/18/2012

8 lbs 10 oz

22" long

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Ahh DesertSunsets look at all that hair!  What a little beauty!  Maeve and Pirate Baby are just precious.  I have that giraffe onesie too!  I'm so so happy for everyone.  :)

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Yay!! Congrats to all the new mamas!joy.gif The babies are so cute!


Here's our Gilliam, 6 days old



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Now that our babies are getting a little older, I thought we could share some new pictures. 


Here is Q at 4 weeks.


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Veritas - I ADORE Q's scrunchy forehead (and every other babe's too, ha!)

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Q is so adorable!!!

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So many beautiful babies!


This is Louisa Jane, born September 3rd at 10pm, 8lbs 8oz and 20.75ins long.


2 wks old


11 days


1 day old :)

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This is Baby M at 5 weeks!



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LeAnn, I love Louisa's sticky up hair, it is so cute!  I thought for sure Quinn would have more hair than she ended up with.


Sally, I love Baby M's face, so wise looking.

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Thanks, VV! I'm pretty sure she's reading my soul everytime I look into her eyes. She seems so wise to me as well! Quinn is absolutely adorable! As are the other babies in our group! We each made a pretty beautiful baby!

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These babies are to die for!  They are all so beautiful. Leann, Louisa is so sweet!  Veritas Q is getting so big!  Sally, I agree with VV  your little M looks like an old soul.  


Here's little Eulalie at 7 weeks.  She'll be two months old this week.  Two. months. old.  Unbelievable.  I think I' finally getting why people say time flies.  





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What a bunch of pretty girls!


Here's some team blue action, Lyle's first non-sleepy smiles at 6 weeks, he'll be 8 weeks Friday!


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Gorgeous babes ladies!  Another boy picture!  Rowan at one week...





And two weeks ...



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