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Where are the baby pictures?!?! - Page 7

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Justchanti, Eulalie is gorgeous!


Boots, Lyle's eyes are so beautiful!


Jenna, Rowan is so, so cute.


We made some beautiful babes in our DDC.

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Cute, cute, cute! That's all I can say.


Just Chanti - Eulalie is beautiful! She looks so cozy, love the shearling.


Boots - Those eyes kill me, so pretty!


Jenna - What a sweet boy! Rowan was a fav of ours if we had a boy. :)

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Here is little Miss Gwen at 5 weeks.  First pic just chillin in my lap and the second is of her all dressed up for her uncles wedding.




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Here is Gil at 7 weeks:

And social smiles at 5-6wks


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Here's Gilliam sleeping through his older sister's soccer game, 3 weeks old.

Obviously very happy to be getting his diaper changed! :-) 4 weeks old

Going out to lunch with Mama and Daddy, 4 weeks old.



These baby pics are adorable! I am having such a fun time seeing everyone's babes..so cute! I love all the serious looks and the smiles! oh my goodness!

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Aw, Gwen, Gilbert, and Gilliam are all so cute! I'm loving these baby pictures too!

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me & Atticus, one month old!


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These babies are so delightful.  Nice work everyone!


Redtree: I love little Gwen's "fancy" outfit!


Tizzy: Gil's first picture is so dreamy


mistreammama:  What a cute happy guy!  How is it having a newborn with older kids around?


pennywhistle:  The expression on Atticus' face is perfect.  I love his name btw.  What are you using for a nickname?

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Originally Posted by justchanti View Post

pennywhistle:  The expression on Atticus' face is perfect.  I love his name btw.  What are you using for a nickname?


for now, "the baby" and "little muffin" winky.gif

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Justchanti, it's a little tricky because they're so loud..lol.

So far Gilly has decided that he does not like cloth diapers..at all, he doesn't like clothes, he hates the car seat and the car, and pictures are really hard to come by..Ashe doesn't really like to have his pic taken..

I say all this because I could deal with it all fine would just be okay in the car. We spend a lot of time in the car because of the older kids getting to school and such..so it presents a particular issue. Other than that they love to help out. I think he is already used to having someone sitting next to him all the time.. Idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
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Midstreammama, have you tried swaddling in the carseat?  Oscar was just this side of unbearable in the car until I started doing it.  You can do it safely by making sure the arms are swaddled over the harness straps after the seat is buckled and tightened.

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Ninetales, I will surely give that a try. I seemed to have figure out what the problem was..the infant insert was making him incredibly uncomfortable. I took it out and our rides have been a million times better! Way less crying while riding!
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If you're not my facebook friend, it didn't seem fair for you to miss this...


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Boots, I love that picture so much!!!

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Beautiful babies, everyone!  joy.gif


In the midst of the trauma of the past few weeks with my breast abscess, I can't stop loving my sweet little Elodie. I haven't been well enough to care for her very much, and I'm grieving for all the time I'm missing with her as I try to recover.


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Awww, Sarah, that sweet face must dull some of the pain.

BABIES IN HATS!  joy.gif


Anyone else got one? :)

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I love Elodie and Lyle in their hats!


Quinn in her honey bear hat @ 1 month old


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Love the cute hat pictures! Baby Bird refused to keep one on his first few days of life, and we haven't tried since. It's hot here, and he's naturally very warm, so I haven't had a reason to try!

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The hat pictures are KILLING me!  So so cute!  I can't get over how beautiful all these babies are.  Here is one of me and Rowan (in a hat):



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Two months old, just fits in an infant prefold. Growing up so fast!

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