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Where are the baby pictures?!?! - Page 4

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Sally-- she's gorgeous!!!!

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Swoon! Sally, she is just so squishy and adorable!

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What a cutie M is, Sally! Thanks for sharing!

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Aw, Piper and her name are lovely!  Baby M is so cute! Yay for babies!

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I love all these pictures!  It's so amazing that we're finally seeing these little humans we've been carrying all these months!!!

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Our sweet Elodie Michal--born 8/15.

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Sarah: joy.gif She is beautiful!

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Gorgeous baby, Sarah!  Congratulations!

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Calder James, born 8/11/12 (mama kind of forgot how to post a photo for a few days there) 

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Welcome Sweet Calder!! :)  Adorable! 

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aww, hi cuties! :)


If I bump this, will we get more pictures? :)

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Our big strapping girl



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So many gorgeous babies!!!!!!  joy.gif

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Oh I love looking at cute baby pictures!!!


I don't know how to post them up here, but I have a bunch on my facebook (I joined our group and friended who asked).


We actually just got home from the hospital on Sunday. Hoping to slowly get back to real life. I will say though it's amazing how fast they recover. I can hardly believe he had open heart surgery just 2 weeks ago.

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Here's one of a just born Emma.  My DH took some really amazing shots of our 1st nursing, I've got to get them uploaded though.


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Kristy, love her eyes!  So alert. 

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Kristi and Feral,


Holy moly, what gorgeous babes!  Big congrats to you both!

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These are all so adorable!  Congrats to everyone!! And Justmee so glad to hear you are home and the recovery is going well!

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Badger meeting Sprout for the first time.



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So sweet, Feral!!  love.gif  And you look great!!

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