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Red Spots almost like chicken pox but not....

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FYI...I did call the pediatrician yesterday and they said without fever to just wait it out and that it could be a number of "summer virusses"...or filiculitis (inflamed hair follicle)

So, Friday morning Rosebud woke up with three flat red spots on her fore- head, within two hours she had two more along the hairline (she has basically no hair).

Saturday, they bulbed up a little, so I thought somehow she got chicken pox. I feel confident after talking to pediatrician and looking up online that it is not chicken pox. She has no fever, doesn't act like it itches and is not fussy.

Well today, instead of taking her usual two 45-60 minute naps, she has slept a total of seven hours, plus the 13 overnight. And now, at 5:30 has two more spots this time on her right wrist....so obviously NOT filiculitis.

She has had diarrhea twice today and a runny nose. Should I chalk this off to some kind of cold virus on a baby with somewhat sensitive skin? The pediatrician basically said that they wouldn't do anything with no fever, no real fussiness (but it's hard to tell because she isn't really ever fussy, but has slept A TON more than normal), and less than thirty spots....and that there are a plethora of skin viruses that happen during summer. So, with two new spots, now I'm curious...

This post is more just curiosity if anyone else has seen this sort of thing....not so much out of worry because she really doesn't "act" sick.

I'd post a pic of the spots but I'm on an iPad and can't figure it out...
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Do they stay after they form or do they fade and new appear? DS deals with hives a lot. They are usually an allergic reaction to something, but they can also be essentially an allergic reaction to a virus or bacteria too when a kid is fighting something off or actually sick with it. Individual hives tend to fade and reappear in new locations. 


Other thoughts--bug bites? Hand-foot-mouth; aka coxsackie? That usually causes fever in my kids, but some kids apparently get no fever. 

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Interesting thought about allergic reaction to something. She does have sensitive skin with mild infant execs a, but it's definitely not hives. They are small red raised spots like a pimple. Almost like a flea or chigger bite, but we havent been outside and i did wash her bedding today. The ones that showed up Friday are fading while the newer ones look like the beginning ones from Friday.

She definitely has, what I would usually say is a cold, sneezing and congested.

I did wonder about hand, foot mouth, but it's not really blistering. So strange.
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Hm. Do you feel ill at all? Breastfeeding? It could be something like coxsackie or some other random illness but isn't getting as bad as typical because you're passing antibodies to her. If she's not uncomfortable, I wouldn't worry about it too much unless it persists. 

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Well, no new spots, up all night with a full fledged cold. No fever, hoping she feels better soon.
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