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how long did your kid use their straw cups?

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thermos or otherwise in their lunch boxes? we have a couple of fogoo straw cups, and a funtainer, that ds, almost 5, uses sometimes. when he took his lunch to daycare, we sent his drink for snack in them, now he mostly uses them when we're gonna be out and about and want to keep his drink cold (we're in texas, lol) like when we go to sea world or something.

i read about kids taking them in their lunch boxes, adn thats what prompted this thread. he'll probably be going to pre-k this year, and taking his lunch. i work at a daycare, and get the huggies rewards point of the diapers and stuff that the parents bring in. the only think we can use right now off of there is another funtainer, but i dont want to get another one if he's not going to be using it very long, kwim?
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DS is 6 and going into first grade and will still be using straw cups. We have a variety of straw cups, Foogo, Thermos (the plastic kind), Nathan (stainless steel).

I don't think there's necessarily an age limit of using straw cups. Even I prefer straw water bottles over non-straw.

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Ds will be five this week and uses it all the time.  I like it because it is easy for him to open, keeps the drink cold, doesn't spill, and doesn't have stigma attached (like a sippy cup that you are "too old" for).  My favorite water bottle for myself is a straw style water bottle.

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What's the alternative? If you are going to put his drinks in something reusable, I think a straw thermos/cup is as good as any other. We use Klean Kanteens with the sports cap but I wouldn't be opposed to using a straw top other than maybe it being harder to clean. 

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My dd is going into 3rd grade, and she and a bunch of her friends still use them. I just advise to be careful about what kind of characters you get if you must get a character. I prefer the ones without characters which they can grow tired of. But I agree-- adults use straws all of the time.
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We have several and my three school-aged kids (1st, 3rd and 4th grades this Fall) take one daily to school, even on the days they eat school lunch. Most of the kids in their school takes a bottle of water for classroom and there are a lot of straw types. My 14 yr old stepson asked for one while he stayed with us this summer.We get a lot of use out of them!!

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that makes me feel better. i guess i was worried they'd be seen as babyish, but they really do seem like a good idea for the lunch box. i do need to order new straws for our foogo's, we got those when he was like a year old. i think i read somewhere tocall thermos for that
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if this helps further, my dd has a hard time drinking out of a glass or cup. she has discomfort swallowing a big gulp of water. she cant just down a glass of water. so she prefers drinking out of our camelbak. in fact just by chance i discovered if i gave her a camelbak she drinks right throughout the day. we have the camelbak bottle. 


dd is almost 10. 

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My 5th grader has a reusable lunch box that comes with a straw cup and uses that. It's easy to pack. I have two bottles for water - one has a sport top, but the other has a straw style just like a kids' cup. I don't think there's an age kids have to stop using these.
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