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New to Diva Cup and it's too big!

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Just looking for tips, thoughts, ideas....I got a Diva Cup. Size 2 because I'm over 30 & I've had a baby. Anyways the first month it was easy to get it in & to wear, but then taking it out was so uncomfortable. I'd break the suction...guide it down not out...still very uncomfortable. After my period things were a bit off in the girl department, just a bit uncomfortable. Then cycle 2 comes around and I figured getting it in would be ok, but I'd have to keep working on a better way to get it out....wrong. I was so very uncomfortable I couldn't even keep it in. I washed it, left it out for a while then tried again. Horrid. Pressure. I think it's just too big.  Anyone have any experience with this problem? 



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Hi, I'm sending TracyGladRags to help you, because she knows all about cups (I'm afraid I stick to cloth pads).  Hope you can figure things out!

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I look forward to hearing from Tracy! Thanks! 

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Hi Kirsten!


The DivaCup is one of the widest and longest cups out there, so for some women it can be really uncomfortable -- it's definitely not just you!


A general tip for removing a menstrual cup: make sure you're super relaxed! If you tense up at all, your muscles will work against you and make it super uncomfortable taking the cup out. That said, sometimes a brand or size of cup is just not a good fit for your body.


I'd recommend trying a Lunette cup -- they're the "squishiest" cups out there, so they're very comfortable to remove. Hope this helps :)

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I've had my Diva for a year and it seems like every cycle has been a bit different. Sometimes it leaks, most of the time it hasn't. Sometimes it feels huge and pressing, sometimes not. (That's usually just the first day of the cycle and things improve after that though.) The first two months, I had a LOT of trouble getting it out without pain and feeling mangled afterwards, but I've gotten better at it (or maybe the cup has just softened up a bit, I'm not sure -- I don't think I'm doing anything different!)


Even with some of the discomfort and leaking I've had, I still like it far better than using cloth pads alone, so to me it's worth it. I've been wondering if I should try a different cup, or maybe switch between two different types of cup depending on where I am in my cycle.... Maybe I will!


If you really are not liking the Diva Cup most of the time, I'd definitely try a different one.

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Thank you guys so much for the advice! Any more would be welcome too!

I'm wary to spend more money and maybe not like different one. 

Maybe I will try the lunette. Do you think I should get the smaller size?

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Tracy - What squishiness rating are you referencing?

I found this rating on squishiness...


I think she felt diva cup was squishier than lunette.....?


I'm so confused! 

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Kirsten, I'm comparing based on the squishiness as I feel them, so I guess it's not very scientific! :)

It looks like on that chart, she's comparing the larger size Lunette with the Diva Cup. The smaller size Lunette was specifically designed to be squishier. It works for me really well, whereas the larger Lunette was super uncomfortable, so I usually recommend the smaller one to people who find larger/firmer cups uncomfortable.

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Tracy - awesome! Just the kind of info I'm looking for! Thank you so so much! 

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Glad I could help! orngbiggrin.gif

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