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Looking for a pedi Moberly area

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Hi. I am moving back to the Columbia area after two years in Joplin. Prior to moving we were seeing Dr. Kate at Namaste. I have been told she is not taking new patients at this time. I called and did not get a return phone call. Any other recs? We are vaccine free at this point. Green Meadows in Columbia is not an option as one of the providers hot lined me for medical neglect (long story but what let me to Dr. Kate originally) 


I will be living in Moberly. Willing to travel up to about an hour 

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Anyone have any recommendations?

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There is a really supportive OB in the Moberly area named Melodie Stocks.  She may have some recommendations in the area in terms of a ped.  Maybe there is somebody in Columbia?  I might search for the Columbia area midwives (there are 3 of them) and ask them for recommendations.  

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I called up Dr. Kate and begged for a place in her care. She took us back on joy.gif

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