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Up between 3 and 4 am? Seriously???

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I so wish I wasn't typing this at 5 am after trying for an hour to get my son to go back to bed!:(


My son (26 months) has been a challenging sleeper and highly energetic and wild child all his life. Love him dearly but oh my goodness! At 16 months we finally got him to sleep about 12 hours waking 2-4 times a night to nurse, then at 23 months i went away for 3 nights and he weaned (I was also 8 weeks pregnant) and began sleeping 12 hours straight through. It was glorious!! Fast forward to today - 26 weeks pregnant and he has been up between 3-4 am for the past 5-6 days! The first few he had a tummy bug so he woke early with diarreah which I can understand. Now he has a bit of a cold. But he seems to be waking and ready for the day at this crazy hour!


Normally he goes to bed at 7, up between 6 and 7. A couple of weeks ago he began being able to climb out of his crib, something we had held off by putting him in a sleep sac. We ditched the sleep sac but kept the crib and some nights he would climb out once at bedtime, others ten times, but he would always fall asleep by himself and stay in bed till morning. NOW, he's climbing out at 3 am and asking to play and saying he's "all done". He can even get out of his bedroom even though there is a child lock on the doorknob:( So I have tried putting him back and putting him back and reading him a book and rubbing his back over and over and he keeps climbing out and is wide awake. yesterday I managed to put his nursing pillow in his bed and give him some advil (he's getting his last two molars and has the same cold as i do which includes a sore throat) and he slept till 6:30. Today up was at my bedside, scaring the life out of me at 4:30. We tried putting him down at 5:30, he woke at 3. Last night he didn't fall asleep until 8 (it was really hot here and I think he had trouble getting comfy) and he was up at 4:30. He had still been napping well, maybe 1 hour at daycare and up to 3 hours at home and still sleeping through the night. Could he ubruptly need to drop the nap or do you think it's all related to his clock being messed up due to being sick??


I am at my wits end! I am 6 months pregnant and need my sleep more than ever. I can't nap in the day due to work although in two weeks we have 3 weeks off and if he naps I could too. I can't go on with these early wake ups for much longer or I will just break down at work or start losing my patience with him. He is extremely active and I am going to try to really tucker him out today and maybe skip the nap and see what happens.



Please give me any and all advice you have:) I may try to download The NO Cry Toddler book on my kobo today if available.


Thanks in advance!!

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We have tried bringing him into bed but he does not sleep or even settle down and try to close his eyes - he kicks us and his dad has a bad back so this is not  an option. He associates playtime with mommy and daddy's bed.

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Every time my son gets sick or gets a new tooth, his sleeping habits get messed up like that (he's 18 months old). I haven't found a way to help him get back on track easily. I usually just wait it out. Painful though! In your case, you might be able to shorten his nap (the three hour variety, not the one hour) though that might not help until he's working with a deficit of sleep for a couple of days and then really needs the extra sleep in the morning. Good luck - I feel your pain!
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